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Alder Benford’s Updates

D6 Items of Interest Week of January 11, 2021

January 10, 2021 12:56 AM

Highlights: The amendment to the Art + Lit Lab lease at the South Livingston St Garage is at Finance Committee on Monday. Also Monday at Landmarks is a public hearing regarding demolition by neglect of 719 Jenifer and the applicants request for a Certificate of Appropriateness to address the building condition issues. The Body-Worn Camera Feasibility Review Committee meets on Monday and Friday. A robust discussion is underway about whether police should be outfitted with body cameras. Also this week, the Police Civilian Oversight Board will begin a deep dive into board training. A revised proposal for 817 Williamson is at Plan Commission Monday, please take a look at the legistar item to see the changes and read the staff report.


The Water Utility Board's Water Quality Technical Advisory Committee is meeting Monday to review recent fluoride studies and receive an update about PFAS. They will be asked to provide feedback about how to decide whether to re-open Well 15. On a related PFAS note, the Madison Metropolitan Sewerage District has a link to their new PFAS microsite:  that went live last week. According to the MMSD Director Michael Mucha, the driver for this site was to have a single source of information and education about PFAS in wastewater and biosolids; the District's PFAS work; and practical information for consumers and businesses regarding how they can play a role in minimizing PFAS in the environment, their homes and businesses. As knowledge of PFAS in wastewater and biosolids trails knowledge of PFAS in other media, they felt it was especially important to provide this information and context in advance of testing at the District and following the publication of the state's PFAS Action Plan. Once the State of Wisconsin certifies labs for PFAS testing, information about the District's sampling results will be made available here. In addition, as the District develops information for industrial permittees and businesses regarding product substitution and pollution minimization, it will be available on the site.


The Landmarks Ordinance Review Committee meets Tuesday to continue the discussion about updating ordinances for landmarks and local historic district standards.


Join me for Wednesday at 7p for a virtual neighborhood meeting to discuss Mitchell Turino's proposal for an alcohol license for I/O Arcade at 924 Williamson St (the former home of Plan B/Prism/Canopy). You can join the virtual meeting using your computer, smartphone or tablet, or you can listen in via telephone. You will receive login information after registering at


At last week's Common Council meeting, alders voted to deny the alcohol license for Kwik Trip at 2002 Winnebago, the home of the former Stop-N-Go, due to the proximity to other licensed premises and to a local high school. Thank you to the two residents who provided compelling testimony about the failure of the applicant to engage the neighborhood about their decision to close the post office mail service counter and the decision by Kwik trip to not offer condoms for sale as evidence of the loss of value to the community with the new license. The Council adopted new requirements to advance electric vehicle (EV) charging in Madison. The new ordinance, requires at least 10% of newly-constructed parking for multifamily residential and some commercial uses to be EV ready - meaning that infrastructure is in place to easily add EV chargers in the future - and that 2% of residential stalls and 1% of commercial stalls have EV charging installed and available for use. The ordinance, spearheaded by Alder Syed Abbas, also includes a schedule to increase the percentage of EV Ready and EV Installed parking every five years. This legislation will help Madison residents who are renters overcome a key barrier to owning an electric vehicle: reliable access to charging. Nearly 41% of Madison's emissions come from cars, and the City has a goal of communitywide net zero carbon emissions by 2050. Experts say we must nearly cut our emissions in half by 2030 to avoid destabilizing the climate. The Council also approved moving forward with placing four referendum questions on the spring ballot about whether to decrease the size of the council from 20 to 10, whether to increase the term from 2 to 4 years, whether the Council should be full time with a compensation package in the range of 80% of area median income,  and whether the Council should be subject to term limits of 12 consecutive years. Resolution authorizing referendum questions related to the structure of city government The Council also discussed the city's homeless encampments and the work of our agency partners.  Community Development Division staff provided an update about the outreach efforts of our nonprofit partner's street outreach teams to engage unsheltered individuals and urge them to take advantage of city and county resources.  Staff also reminded us that the best way to help people is to donate money; not drop off food, clothing or other donations. The Friends of the State Street Family is coordinating the response, more here. The Salvation Army has a brochure for their Women's Shelter facility and Porchlight has a brochure for the newly opened Men's Shelter at First Street. The Milwaukee Special Area Plan related items: the Official Map and the rezoning of properties were both referred to the February 2 Common Council meeting.


Tuesday January 5 was also the filing deadline for candidates for the spring election. Congratulations to Alder-elect Brian Benford! He was the only D6 candidate to complete his registration.  This spring election for city council has several hotly contested races and several walk-ons. We are in a historic moment at all levels of government.


Healthcare and public health organizations across Dane County are urging patience and continued adherence to public health guidelines, even as COVID-19 vaccines are authorized and distributed in limited quantities. While some healthcare organizations in Dane County have received or will shortly receive vaccines, it is very important to remember that Center for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines dictate the limited number of vaccines be used first on frontline healthcare workers, followed by essential workers, and others in direct contact with COVID-19-positive individuals and the virus, which are still to be defined by state Department of Health Services, and people older than 75 years of age. Only those who meet CDC and state criteria for risk can receive the vaccine at this time. The broad availability of the COVID-19 vaccine is still months away


City Engineering is asking the public to reduce salt use when removing ice and snow this winter and join Wisconsin Salt Wise  for Wisconsin Salt Awareness Week, Jan. 11-15, 2021.


Monday January 11, 2020


4:30p You can send comments on agenda items to


17. 63565 Authorizing the City's execution of a First Amendment to Lease with Art + Literature Laboratory, Inc. to amend the terms and conditions set forth for the use of commercial space in the City-owned South Livingston Street Garage, located at 111 S. Livingston Street; and, authorizing property holding costs to be charged to the General Land Acquisition Fund. (6th A.D.)


I appreciate the collaboration between A+LL and city staff in the Economic Development Division to figure out a way forward to allow Art + Lit Lab survive the pandemic and launch this exciting new arts space.


20. 63529 A Resolution waiving all Street Vending fees under MGO 9.13 for the 2021-2022 vending season and extending existing vending licenses for vendors in good standing from the 2020-2021 season to the 2021-2022 season.


23. 63381 Authorizing the Mayor and the City Clerk to execute the option to renew the lease at 2422 Pennsylvania Avenue for continued use of warehouse space for Metro Transit for Option 1 (June 1, 2021 through May 31, 2022) and authorizing the Transit General Manager or designee to execute Option 2 and Option 3 years if so desired. During the option years, the terms and conditions of the original lease apply, except monthly rent changes as spelled out in the lease.


Monday January 11, 2020


5p You can send comments on agenda items to



4. 62805 719 Jenifer St - Demolition by Neglect in the Third Lake Ridge Hist. Dist.; 6th Ald. Dist.


Staff recommends that the Landmarks Commission find that the property at 719 Jenifer Street is undergoing demolition by neglect as defined in Chapter 41. However, if based on the testimony and discussion at the public hearing, the Landmarks Commission is highly confident that the property owner will secure a Certificate of Appropriateness and make the necessary repairs in an expedited timeframe, the Landmarks Commission could refer this matter to a future meeting. Staff would recommend that Landmarks Commission defer their consideration to the matter to the May 17 commission meeting to monitor the progress, and set a date for the final consideration at that time.



5. 61086 719 Jenifer St - Exterior Alterations in the Third Lake Ridge Hist. Dist.; 6th Ald. Dist.

The applicant is requesting a Certificate of Appropriateness to complete all items from the Building Inspection Work Order related to deterioration of the property. The proposed work is only to stabilize the existing structure, but the work is proposed in a fashion to allow for the potential of a rear addition in the near future. This rear wing of the building was constructed in 1854 by Julius Vogel and in 1867 he added the front wing of the building to accommodate his family of ten children. This vernacular building has largely retained its form, but various layers of shingle siding were added to the exterior starting in the mid-twentieth century. Over time, the building has suffered the effects of deferred maintenance. The City has worked with both the previous and current property owners to salvage what is one of the oldest residential buildings in Madison. Included in the submittal is a 3rd party assessment of the existing windows. The applicant concurs with the assessment and will repair the historic windows on the front of the building, replicate the deteriorated or missing windows on the side of the building, and secure the rear window openings so that they are weather tight, but not introduce new windows on an elevation that will potentially have a new addition in the near future. New storm windows will be introduced on the front that will compliment the unique curved shape of the upper window sash, and a new wood storm door on the front of the building. The applicant completed some investigation on the interior to determine that the original layer of siding was likely clapboard with a 5-1/2" exposure. The applicant proposes to remove all of the nonhistoric layers of shingle siding, install insulation and a vapor barrier, and then install LP Smartside 6" exposure clapboards. The original application materials specified textured, but the applicant has agreed to use smooth surfaced boards and trim. Decorative elements on the building will be preserved and repaired, and all deteriorated window trim, soffits, and fascia will be replaced with profiles to match the existing or historic. The applicant is proposing a new rear entry that is a simple stoop, constructed of wood. The balusters will be a simple square design. There will be a new period-appropriate rear door. Additionally, the electrical will be property secured to the building and the basement access doors will be repaired.


There are several additional D6 items on the agenda, click on the legistar link for the complete list of presentations.


Monday January 11

Water Quality Technical Advisory Committee

5p You can send comments on agenda items to


Water Utility Board Fluoride Review: A Presentation by WI DHS Staff


A continuation of the discussion begun last year to review our fluoridation practices in light of new research questioning the toxicity of fluoride.  Green Bay, WI recently re-affirmed its practice of community fluoridation after months of rigorous public debate and an examination of the latest research on potential health concerns.  Our review was initiated, at least in part, by the recent release of the draft National Toxicology Program's Systematic Review of Fluoride Exposure and Neurodevelopmental and Cognitive Health Effects which is currently under peer-review by the National Academy of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine. Interim General Manager Joe Grande has invited an author from NTP to participate at a future Technical Advisory Committee meeting (possibly as early as April) to discuss the findings and the strength of evidence in those studies after that peer review is complete. 


 PFAS update & discussion (approximately 20-30 minutes) 

WI DHS recently released recommendations for groundwater standards for 16 additional PFAS; these recommended health standards are above levels most recently observed at Well 15.  Previously, this committee recommended that the utility wait for more health information before making a decision about the future/continued operation of Well 15 based on PFAS presence.  Interim General Manager Joe Grande will be seeking a recommendation from the committee.  In particular, what criteria could the utility use as part of a decision framework for well operations when an unregulated contaminant is detected?  While this framework is being considered specifically in the context of PFAS at Well 15, it can be applied more generally to any unregulated contaminant at any well - for example, hexavalent chromium or 1,4-dioxane.         


Monday January 11


5:30p You can send comments on agenda items to Comments received after 3:00 p.m. may not be added to the public record until after the meeting.


5. 62944 Amended: 1402 S Park Street; 13th Ald. Dist.: Consideration of a conditional use in the Traditional Shopping Street (TSS) District for a mixed-use building exceeding 25,000 square feet of floor area for a mixed-use or multi-tenant building; consideration of a conditional use in the TSS District for a building exceeding three (3) stories and 40 feet; consideration of a conditional use in the TSS District for a mixed-use building with greater than 24 dwelling units; consideration of a conditional use in the TSS District for a mixed-use building with less than 75% non-residential ground floor area; consideration of a conditional use pursuant to Section 28.65(3)(b) for a building with a rear yard height transition to a residential district exceeding the height and/or ratio limitation; and consideration of a conditional use per Section 28.141(13)(b) to reduce the number of off-street loading spaces required; all to allow construction of a six-story mixed-use building with approximately 25,000 square feet of commercial space and 150 apartments.


7. 63206 817 Williamson Street; Third Lake Ridge Historic Dist.; 6th Ald. Dist.: Consideration of a demolition permit to demolish a commercial building; consideration of a conditional use in the Traditional Shopping Street (TSS) District for a mixed-use building with less than 75% non-residential ground floor facing the primary street; consideration of a conditional use in the TSS District for a mixed-use building with less than 75% non-residential ground floor area; and consideration of a conditional use in the TSS District for a mixed-use building exceeding 25,000 square feet in floor area, all to allow construction of a three-story mixed-use building with approximately 775 square feet of commercial space and 19 apartments.


Staff report: The Planning Division believes that this revised proposal generally conforms better to the Williamson Street BUILD Plan (2004) recommendations. Staff believes that the proposed mixed-use building meets most of the architectural standards in the BUILD Plan and notes that it received a Certificate of Appropriateness (CoA) for new construction. Staff notes that with this submittal, the entire building width is 66 feet, compared to 80 feet in the previous submittal. In regards to building placement, the building is setback approximately four feet from the front property line and approximately 20 feet from the rear property line, which is generally consistent with the Plan recommendations.


Monday January 11


6p You can send comments on agenda items to


2. 63302 Discussion of Final Recommendation and Report


Tuesday January 12


5:30p  You can send comments on agenda items to


2. 56918 Draft Historic Preservation Ordinance -Discussion of Options to Finalize the Historic District Standards


Tuesday January 12


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3. 23110 Endorsing Community Projects Storm Drain Murals

4. 55290 Thurber Park Artist-in-Residence Re-examine the Expectation of the Thurber Residency

7. 62380 Arts and Culture Economic Recovery - Staff report - There will be a virtual meeting related to planning for music sector recover on January 19, 2021 at noon. MAC members are welcome to attend.


Wednesday January 13


10a You can send comments on agenda items to

2. 63657 MADISON COMMUNITY MEAL Monday, January 18, 2021 / 11am - 7pm

Parking Only: 200 block of MLK Jr. Blvd

Drive up and walk up community meal pickup Madison's Central Business Improvement District / Tiffany Kenney


Wednesday January 13


11:30a You can send comments on agenda items to


2. 63680 Update on Notice of Advisory Referendum Questions on Government Structure  Advisory Referendum

3. 63681 Identification of Necessary Steps to Inform the Electorate on Advisory Referendum Questions on Government Structure

4. 63190 Planning Schedule and Topics for CCEC and Committee of the Whole Discussions

5. 63188 Discussion of Next Steps on the Administrative Services Staff Team

6. 61664 Continue Discussion of TFOGS Recommendations


Wednesday January 13


4:30p You can send comments on agenda items to mailto:


8. 62064 1402 S. Park Street - New Mixed-Use Building Containing Residential and Grocery Store

in UDD No. 7. 13th Ald. Dist. Owner: Megan Schuetz, Movin' Out, Inc. Applicant: Melissa Huggins, Urban Assets, LLC

Final Approval is Requested


Wednesday January 13


5p You can send comments on agenda items to:


9. 63643 Referring to the TPPB as a policy issue: Discussion regarding what should be considered the most important priority - installing bump-outs for the safety of pedestrians versus not installing bump-outs because snow plowing staff has indicated they encounter difficulties when trying to plow around bump-outs. TC supports the installation of bump-outs where appropriate and views safety as the higher priority. 5 mins


10. 63642 Reviewing and Approving Traffic Calming Subcommittee Summary Report Recommendations and Request for Extending Report Deadline to April 15, 2021 15 mins


13. 61410 Update on Traffic Calming Subcommittee 5 mins

       62232  Traffic Calming Subcommittee Materials


Wednesday January 13


5p You can send comments on agenda items to Committee e-mail at


4. 61151 Madison Police Department's Response to OIR/Ad Hoc Committee Reports (7/13/20) - Interim MPD Chief, Vic Wahl

MPD Chart to track status of OIR/Ad Hoc recommendations July 13. 2020


5. 63100 Direction of the Public Safety Review Committee/2021 PSRC Workplan


6. 63661 Creating a listening session of the Madison Fire Departments Crisis Response


7. 63561 Report: Madison Police Department on Tear Gas Usage & Alternatives (As

requested by RES-20-00707, Legislative File No. 61265) MPD Report on Use of Tear Gas January 4, 2021


Wednesday January 13


5p You can send comments on agenda items to


3. 63465 COVID-19 Response Update for January 13, 2021


5. 63562 A Resolution Amending the 2021 Public Health Operating Budget to accept $146,477 from the WI Department of Health Services and creating a project Disease Intervention Specialist position to expand needle exchange services


6. 63563 A Resolution authorizing a noncompetitive contract with Maxim Healthcare Staffing Services, Inc. to support Public Health in COVID-19 testing, contact tracing and vaccine administration.


9. 63466 Violence Prevention Unit Update for January 13, 2021


Wednesday January 13


5:30p You can send comments on agenda items to


3. 63653 Revisit Items Identified in March 11, 2020 minutes including Membership and Committee priorities - Identify potential cost for providing bus passes to youth that qualify for free or reduced lunch and the cost to provide for all middle and high school youth. - Review articles regarding other Cities and youth bus passes - Affordable housing for staff, students and their families - Status of Mental Health Programs provided in Schools - Impact on committee membership based on identified priorities - Identify next steps


Wednesday January 13


6:30p Send comments on agenda items to:


7 63622 January 2021 Superintendent's Report

•  Operations staff are working to keep winter recreation for all as readily available as possible. Ski trails are being groomed and ice is being cleared. Early season ice clearing is particularly challenging. Ice is easily damaged by members of the public that skate on it before it is ready and ice is not generally thick enough for our large equipment. At some locations, this means clearing entire lagoons with a fleet of blowers. It is particularly challenging to communicate the need for patience from the public, but we find that most have been very appreciative of the work we do. Ski, skate, and snowshoe rentals are already happening in full force under the plan carefully put together by our staff in the lead-up to winter. COVID-19 safety is of utmost importance. Rentals occur at an outdoor window, warming shelters are closed, and constant disinfecting and cleaning are occurring. Lines at rental locations have already been long, but staff are able to move them quickly. As with lake access permits, we have seen a significant increase in annual ski permits, especially after the heavy December 29th snowfall.


•  Staff continue to prepare WPCRC for a return to function as a park facility. The work is going well and the staff team is considering options to safely reopen to the public. (Warner Park Community Rec Center served as a temporary men's shelter after the downtown shelters closed due to COVID social distancing requirements.)


• Parks Event Ordinance – Parks staff have been working with other city agencies, primarily the City Attorney's, to develop a draft Park Events Ordinance that would provide a substantially more clear process and requirements for the existing park events process. The existing process has organically grown into a complex web of regulations and permits, which can create a lack of clarity regarding conditions and approval processes. It is staff's opinion that questions and concerns related to City agency events (e.g. Democracy in Parks) and priority access for returning events (Goodman Pool Dog Paddle) should be addressed as a part of this comprehensive effort. Staff will include information from the City Attorney's Office related to legal considerations as this Ordinance is prepared and presented.


• The Law Park Master Plan process is also continuing and an update to the Commission will occur soon, likely in February.


10 63618 Bolz Conservatory at Olbrich Botanical Gardens reopening update and request for extension of increased admission fees in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.


Wednesday January 13

VIRTUAL NEIGHBORHOOD MEETING – Alcohol license for I/O Arcade at 924 Williamson St

7p You can join the virtual meeting using your computer, smartphone or tablet, or you can listen in via telephone. You will receive login information after registering at


Mitchell Turino proposes to move I/O Arcade Bar from its current location at 720 Williamson Street to 924 Williamson Street. Capacity at the new location would be 300, and the hours of operation would be Monday-Wednesday, 3:30pm12am; Thursday, 3:30pm-2am; Friday, 3:30pm-close; Saturday, 11am-close; and Sunday, 11am-2am. Mr. Mitchell has applied for a Class B Alcohol and Beer License for the new location. A Conditional Use Permit would also be required. Please join me for a virtual neighborhood meeting on Wednesday, January 13, at 7:00pm to learn more about Mr. Mitchell's proposal.


Thursday January 14


5p You can send comments on agenda items to:


2. 63110 Introduction to the National Association for Civilian Oversight of Law Enforcement and Board Training Discussion


Thursday January 14


5:30p You can send comments on agenda items to


2. 63552 Presentations from Applicants in the 2020 Housing Forward RFP Process


January 14 Presentations:

5:30pm - Madison Area Community Land Trust

6:05pm - Housing Resources, Inc.

6:40pm - Habitat for Humanity of Dane County

7:15pm - Movin' Out, Inc.

7:50pm - Common Wealth Development, Inc.

8:25pm - Sankofa Educational Leadership United

(Other presentations were heard at previous committee meeting)

Nonprofits, cooperatives to tap City's Affordable Housing Fund in new way


Thursday January 14


7p You can join the virtual meeting using your computer, smartphone or tablet, or you can listen in via telephone. You will receive login information after registering at


Join Alder Mike Verveer to review the updated plans for a proposed hotel by Mortenson Development as part of the Judge Doyle Square project. The proposed hotel would occupy a portion of the former Government East parking garage location, 223 S. Pinckney Street. A major alteration to the approved planned development zoning has been submitted for City review to increase the number of hotel rooms to 260, provide 4,500 square feet of conference, meeting, and pre-function spaces, and a full-service restaurant with outdoor seating. The curve of the building would be maintained and changes to the façade would be made to align with the design of the Stone House building under construction across the street. The height of the proposed nine-story building would be reduced approximately 35 feet to eliminate the need for an encroachment into the capitol view preservation height limit.


Friday January 15


6p You can send comments on agenda items to


2. 63302 Discussion of Final Recommendation and Report


Marsha Rummel

District 6 Alder

City of Madison


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