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D6 Items of Interest Week of January 18, 2021

January 17, 2021 1:49 AM

Highlights: Monday is a city, state and federal holiday to honor the vision and accomplishments of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr and many others who struggled for racial justice in our country. The annual city and county observance is one of the meaningful ways I've found to renew and refresh my commitment to the struggle for a multiracial democracy. I am looking forward to listening to the keynote speaker Dr. Eddie Glaude Jr. At Tuesday's Council meeting, Alders will hear two appeals of Plan Commission decisions and the 1/5/21 Council denial of the Kwik Trip alcohol license is up for reconsideration and referral to the February 2 Council meeting if the vote to reconsider is approved. On Wednesday, the ALRC holds a public hearing on the application of I/O Arcade Bar for a new license at 924 Williamson former home of Plan B/Prism/Canopy. I held a virtual meeting last week and MNA will discuss at their monthly board meeting on Monday, more info below. Also Wednesday is the Landmarks Ordinance Review Committee. The Body-Worn Camera Feasibility Review Committee meets Tuesday and Friday.

The City and County will present the awards at the annual City-County Martin Luther King, Jr. Observance on Monday, January 18. The program will run from 6:00pm to 7:00pm. The 2021 City-County Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Humanitarian Award recipients are: Shelia Stubbs, Lilada Gee and Shyra Adams.  More information can be found on . The keynote speaker is Eddie S. Glaude, Jr., NY Times Best Selling Author and the James S. McDonnell Distinguished University Professor of African American Studies at Princeton University, where he is also the Chair of the Center for African American Studies and the Chair of the Department of African American Studies. A regular guest on Democracy Now!, Dr. Glaude recently spoke at Illinois State University to honor Dr. King,  "We face a moral reckoning, a fundamental challenge to what we mean by 'We the people' in this moment," Glaude Jr. said. "At the time of his death, Dr. King understood that if we are going to achieve our country, we would have to shatter the fables and myths that protect our national innocence, that we would have to confront the lies that give comfort to the status quo, that we would have to look in the mirror and finally see who and what is looking back at us. The last four years have ripped off the mask of this nation's racial politics. All of the racial dog whistles and coded speech that had been a part of America's politics have been tossed away for an explicit appeal to white America. What did we see on January 6? We saw a mob of white grievance, of white resentment, and white hatred. The genie is finally out of the bottle, and our task is not to push it back in, but to imagine the country without it, to imagine America as a truly multiracial democracy," Glaude Jr. said.  MLK's legacy in light of the current crisis

Due to the Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday on Monday, January 18, Metro will run Saturday schedules.  Read more here. No refuse, recycling or drop-off services on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.  Read more here

Metro buses detour from the Capitol Square beginning Sunday, January 17, until the end of service on Wednesday, January 20.  Complete information here. I hope we can all stay safe during the Inauguration period.

On January 12, City and County leaders joined Tenant Resource Center (TRC) Executive Director Robin Sereno to announce the creation of an estimated $16.2 million emergency package to help prevent evictions in the community. Agenda item #13 on Tuesday's Council agenda accepts the funds. As the COVID-19 pandemic carries into 2021, the resultant economic downturn continues to cause record levels of unemployment and housing instability. This new, direct assistance for tenants will come wrapped in housing counseling, education for the landlord on federal mortgage protections, case management, outreach, and mediation services provided by TRC. The funding is anticipated to be distributed quickly, given the severity of need in Dane County. Emergency funds will be focused on clearing rental arrears for tenants who make 50% area median income (AMI) or less. The federal government requires that households in which one or more members is unemployed and has been unemployed for longer than 90 days also be prioritized. The maximum funding available per household will be up to six months of rental arrears at the local fair market rate (FMR) for rent, plus 15%. Additionally, households are eligible for assistance if one or more individuals has qualified for unemployment benefits, has experienced a reduction in household income, has incurred significant costs, and/or has experienced other financial hardship due directly or indirectly to the COVID-19 pandemic, and where one or more individuals can demonstrate a risk of experiencing homelessness or housing instability. The legislation allows landlords to apply for assistance on behalf of their tenants that meet the program eligibility requirements. $16M aid package from feds to prevent evictions

On January 11, Public Health Madison & Dane County has issued Emergency Order #12 PDF . The order goes into effect January 13, at 12:01am and will be in effect for 28 days. The order mirrors much of Order #11 and allows indoor gatherings of up to 10 people, with physical distancing and face coverings. Outdoor gatherings of up to 50 people are now allowed, with physical distancing. Public Health Emergency Order #12

The City of Madison has two elections scheduled in 2021. The Spring Primary will take place on Feb. 16, 2021, and the Spring Election will occur on Apr. 6, 2021. The City of Madison Clerk's Office suggests you request your absentee ballots now if voting absentee by mail is in your voting plan for 2021. Wisconsin voters can request absentee ballots for each individual election or for all elections in the current calendar year. You can request your absentee ballot on the MyVote Wisconsin website . The site will prompt you to provide an acceptable photo ID if the City Clerk's Office does not already have it on file. Request Absentee Ballots for 2021


Tuesday January 19, 2021


1p You can send comments on agenda items to:


2. Civilian Oversight Board Role, Responsibilities and Priorities

3. COB Executive Subcommittee Role and Responsibilities

4. Review: List of Potential Future COB Discussion Topics

5. NACOLE Scope of Work Document


Tuesday January 19


4:30p You can send comments on agenda items to


5. 63702 Presentation: Madison Metropolitan School District 2021-2022 Capital Projects - Chad Wiese, MMSD Facilities


6. 62678 Accepting the final report and recommendations of the President's Work Group to Review Council Communication Tools & Processes.


7. 63170 Repealing Section 33.09(1) of the Madison General Ordinances to eliminate the City-County Liaison Committee.


Tuesday January 19


6p You can send comments on agenda items to


2. 63302 Discussion of Final Recommendation and Report


Tuesday January 19


6:30p You can send comments on agenda items to


1. 63729 Commending Dave Trowbridge for his significant contributions to shaping Madison's transportation system and congratulating him on his retirement after 23 years of public service.


5. 60646 Appeal of Plan Commission action on Conditional Use request for 2219 Monroe Street, Legistar ID 60001.


9. 63304 Appeal of the Plan Commission action on the Conditional Use request for 4606 Hammersley Road, Legistar ID 62600.


13. 63792 Accepting funds from the U.S. Treasury Department, to be awarded to the City of Madison under the Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2021 (H.R. 133), to help prevent evictions and promote housing stability for eligible households affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, amending the Community Development Division's 2021 Operating Budget to reflect receipt of those funds, and authorizing the Mayor and City Clerk to execute agreements with the Tenant Resource Center and other community partner agencies to implement a program to deliver that relief.


This resolution authorizes contracts with the Tenant Resource Center (TRC), and other designated community agencies, to utilize available funds to assist renter households impacted by the COVID pandemic.  Efforts will be supported through a combination of federal funds to be awarded to the City and City funds authorized by the Common Council in the 2021 Adopted Operating Budget for a COVID Relief Fund. The City's 2021 Adopted Operating Budget authorized a $725,000 COVID Relief Fund, to be administered by the Community Development Division, for use in assisting City residents impacted by COVID-19.  The budget further directed that at least half of the authorized funds be used for housing assistance.  On December 27, 2020, federal legislation was enacted to help offset the impacts of the COVID pandemic.  It included $25 billion for emergency rental assistance, to be allocated to local governments with populations of 200,000 or more residents. Though the U.S. Treasury has not yet released specific allocations, the City is projected to receive more than $7.5 million, and Dane County about $8.5 million.

14. 63743 Condemning the insurrection and violence that occurred at the U.S. Capitol in Washington, DC on January 6, 2021, calling for a peaceful transition of power on January 20, 2021 and condemning hate and extremism.

15. 63772 Authorizing a change in formatting to one of the advisory referendum questions authorized by RES-21-00025.

Advisory Referendum Questions


16. 63771 Interim Chief of Police 4th Quarter Report: Interim Chief Vic Wahl, Madison Police Department

MPD 4th Qtr 2020 Report


17. 63562 A Resolution Amending the 2021 Public Health Operating Budget to accept $146,477 from the WI Department of Health Services and creating a project Disease Intervention Specialist position to expand needle exchange services


18. 63563 A Resolution authorizing a noncompetitive contract with Maxim Healthcare Staffing Services, Inc. to support Public Health in COVID-19 testing, contact tracing and vaccine administration.


50. 63512 Authorizing the Mayor and City Clerk to enter into an agreement with the USGS to monitor runoff from leaf collection study area and to accept partial funding from League of Wisconsin Municipalities by entering a Memorandum of Understanding with the League of Wisconsin Municipalities and amend the 2021 operating budget to reflect the accepted funds. (18th AD)


53. 63565 Authorizing the City's execution of a First Amendment to Lease with Art + Literature Laboratory, Inc. to amend the terms and conditions set forth for the use of commercial space in the City-owned South Livingston Street Garage, located at 111 S. Livingston Street; and, authorizing property holding costs to be charged to the General Land Acquisition Fund. (6th A.D.)


RECONSIDERATION Reconsideration of Legislative File No. 62957 requested by Ald. Lindsay Lemmer, District 3. If reconsideration passes, Ald. Lemmer requests that Legislative File No. 62957 be referred to the 2/2/21 Common Council meeting.


Legistar item 62957 is the Kwik Trip at 2002 Winnebago's Class A alcohol license that was denied at the 1/5/21 Council meeting.  David Ring could not get on the Council zoom call and Alder Lemmer wants to give him a chance to speak.


Wednesday January 20


5p You can send comments on agenda items to:


4. 63357 Economic Development Division Staff Update regarding Small Business Equity & Recovery Program (SBER)


5. 60990 Equitable Economic Response and Recovery 1) City efforts underway 2) Economy and Culture Recovery Team 3) Open discussion regarding Economic Development Committee and Economic Development Division related goals and work 4) Data review


Wednesday January 20


5:30p You can send comments on agenda items to


14. 63494 Public Hearing - New License

I/O Arcade Bar, LLC • dba I/O Arcade Bar

924 Williamson St • Agent: Mitchell Turino • Estimated Capacity: 300

Class B Combination Liquor & Beer • 75% alcohol, 15% food

Aldermanic District 6 (Alder Rummel) • Police Sector 408

Application with floor plan, business plan, and proposed food and drink menu


At the neighborhood meeting January 13, Mitchell Turino presented plans to move I/O Arcade Bar from the Olds Building to the former Plan B site. He has been closed for almost a year due to the pandemic. Neighbors expressed concerns about the 300 person capacity and how it affects parking and noise, and questioned the hours. At I/Os current location at 720 Williamson, the capacity is 155, the new license requests 300.  Plan B initially opened with a 250 person capacity and it was eventually increased to 300 due to long lines outside. But until Public Health changes its orders, capacity would likely be limited to approx. 80-100 with social distancing and the bar would continue to use an appointment model.

The proposed hours are MON-WED 3:30p – 12a, THU-FRI 3:30p – 2a, and SAT-SUN 11a – 2a.  When neighbors asked if I/O could close earlier on Sundays, Mitchell explained the bar time hours are geared to service industry customers who start their "weekend" on Sunday night. He would like to extend his hours from what they are now to serve this market. The business plan calls for food and there is a sample menu in the application.

Mitchell stated that eventually he would like to apply for an Entertainment license in order to allow for curated playlists for '80s nights for example but he is not seeking the E-license at this time. Regarding noise, he has removed the dance floor speakers and kept the overhead speakers. He noted that many of the games come with a sound experience and he is not interested in nightclub level noise that would overpower the gaming experience and does not anticipate noise impacting neighbors like previous danceclub use. Neighbors asked him to consider a licensed condition to keep noise to a 'reasonable level' or set decibel limits at the edge of the property. No agreements were made.

Regarding parking, the website recommends using the South Livingston ramp, the MGE good neighbor lot and street parking near the 720 Williamson site. At the new location, they can lease 12 stalls in the parking lot and will update website encourage continued use of the South Livingston parking ramp. Mitchell stated that many customers use rideshare services.

In addition, a video arcade is considered "indoor recreation" and requires a conditional use in the TSS zoning district. So there will be a separate process to seek a CU permit from the Plan Commission. 

The MNA Board will discuss the application at their monthly meeting on Monday. I will attend. In general, I am supportive of the application, but will encourage the applicant to reduce the capacity and start smaller and consider closing earlier on Sunday. Maintaining this commercial node is important to me and while I understand some people would prefer different uses that focus more on daytime business users, those uses are not being proposed. Let me know what you think.


Wednesday January 20


5:30p You can send comments on agenda items to


Friday January 22


6p You can send comments on agenda items to


2. 63302 Discussion of Final Recommendation and Report


Upcoming  meetings

Monday February 2

Public Information Meeting for the reconstruction of Helena/Jenifer/Russell

6-8p Registration is required.


Join City Engineering staff and me to learn more about the proposed reconstruction of Helena St., Jenifer St. and Russell St. includes replacement of the underground city utilities (sanitary sewer main and laterals, water main and storm sewer), along with replacement of the curb and gutter, pavement and gravel base, driveway aprons and sidewalk as needed. Link to virtual meeting registration, project details and survey for residents



Wednesday February 10

Metro Transit and the City of Madison Transportation Commission

6p Virtual Public Hearing


There will be a virtual public hearing to review and discuss proposed Metro service adjustments proposed for later in the year.  Passengers are encouraged to provide feedback on the proposal. Consideration will be given to views and comments expressed at the public hearing as well as to all phone and written comments received.



Marsha Rummel

District 6 Alder

City of Madison


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