The Essen Haus complex (506-518 E Wilson and 134-148 S Blair St) is at the Plan Commission Monday requesting an alteration to a Planned Development. In addition to clarifying rules and site plans for six annual special events and sand volleyball, Bob Worm is requesting three weekly outdoor live music events from March 15 – November 1. In addition, the Plan Commission will continue their discussion on updating the Comprehensive Plan. Last week’s Alcohol License Review Committee meeting is being rescheduled to Wednesday after they failed to meet quorum and The Atwood is requesting an outdoor back patio and the City Attorney has separated the license of the Williamson Mini Mart. Save the date for a neighborhood meeting on Tuesday May 30 regarding a development proposal for 702-734 E Washington (702 is the post office annex building), more details below.

Monday May 22 – Plan Commission – 5:30p PC Agenda 05.22.23

You can send comments on agenda items to Comments received after 3:00 p.m. on the day of the meeting may not be added to the public record until after the meeting.

5. 77479 Accepting the report titled “Comprehensive Plan - 2023 Progress Update” Draft 2023 Comp Plan Update

6. 77810 A resolution adopting a Public Participation Plan for the City of Madison Comprehensive Plan Interim Update (2023) and authorizing the Planning Division to draft amendments to the text and maps in the 2018 Comprehensive Plan. The PC Memo on Comp Plan Update 04.24.23 gives a comprehensive overview.

In the PC Memo on Comp Plan Update 05.22.23 the summary of guidance from April 24 meeting is italicized: “Commissioners had varying opinions on the following proposed edit: • Revising map note 4 (applied to areas on the isthmus and near west side): “The “house-like” residential character of this Low Medium Residential (LMR) area should be retained, and any limited redevelopment should generally maintain the current single-family/ two-flat/three-flat development rhythm.” • Move away from the phrase “house-like” toward “missing middle” building forms, which are referenced elsewhere in the Plan. Consider changing the word “character,” due to its exclusionary connotation.”

Watch the 04.24.23 PC meeting starting at 17:20 for presentation and then discussion Commissioners discussed several topics including rezoning Special Institutional uses that are not continuing and are being considered for residential redevelopment instead. The Zion Lutheran Church on Linden Ave was referenced as an example. Commissioners who spoke to it agreed these parcels should be developed at higher density than the immediate neighborhood (about 1:00).

8. 77018 506-518 E Wilson Street and 134-148 S Blair Street; 6th Ald. Dist.: Consideration of an alteration to an approved Planned Development District-Specific Implementation Plan (PD-SIP) to allow outdoor recreation, weekly outdoor events, and special seasonal events in the parking lot for the adjacent restaurant-taverns

Staff Memo on 506-518 E Wilson and 134-138 S Blair St gives the background history and recent events of the last two years.

On Thursday I held a neighborhood meeting on zoom about the Essen Haus, Come Back In and Up North proposal to allow three weekly outdoor live music events from March 15- November 1 in addition to clarifying previously approved uses. Unfortunately, I was unable to send a postcard notification to the surrounding neighborhood. Notice was given through my weekly blog and the neighborhood listserve.

Opinions at the meeting ranged from support for live music at the Essen Haus complex as one of the reasons to live in the neighborhood to concern about the number of proposed weekly events and the remnant feelings of frustration with the applicant from the previous two years of zoning noncompliance.

During the meeting, Bob Worm offered to reduce the requested weekly live music events to May 15 – September 15. Kevin Burow, the project architect, explained that the outdoor capacity would be about 112 based on 28 4-top tables.

The staff report explains that the Plan Commission will approve the alteration to the PD-SIP zoning and codify the site plan maps for the previously approved six special events/and sand volleyball seasonal uses and the new request for weekly live music events. Staff notes there will be a separate process where the Alcohol License Review Committee (and Common Council) will address outdoor capacity and modify the various establishment’s liquor and entertainment licenses.

Excerpts from the staff memo: “Given the potential for impacts from some or all of the uses requested and the issues that have occurred recently with outdoor activities in the subject parking lot, staff believes that a measured approach should be taken by the Plan Commission should it wish to approve the alteration request. As such, staff proposes that a one-year trial be considered to allow the outdoor uses for the remainder of 2023 only, and that any future use of the parking lot beyond this calendar year require Plan Commission approval following submittal of a new alteration request for 2024, which would be considered by the Commission following a duly noticed public hearing. …Finally, staff recommends that the sand volleyball/ outdoor recreation end time be brought forward to 9:00 PM from 10:30 to make the end time for all of the outdoor uses in the parking lot consistent across the board.

I support the one-year trial and changing the hours of the sand volleyball to end at 9p. I appreciate the offer the applicant made at the neighborhood meeting to reduce the outdoor live music events to May 15 – September 15 (from March 15 - November 1) a reduction of roughly 50 events. I will urge the PC to accept this change as a condition of approval.

At the neighborhood meeting, some neighbors requested that there could be events with acoustic music. I also got feedback from other residents in support of live music events indicating that Sunday and Monday are nights when many live music venues are closed.

I will ask Plan Commissioners to try to determine from the applicant and public testimony if there is a difference in noise impacts between the two stage locations identified for the seasonal events (see map link, page 2). One stage is next to the parking lot that abuts the Germania condo drive aisle and faces Come Back In, the other is between the Up North and Essen Haus buildings and faces the parking lot or perhaps it will be set up the face the outdoor seating, it is not clear from the rendering.

The benefit of a one-year trial for the requested three live music events a week is that it would provide a complete picture for the applicant and neighbors to see how it worked and give everyone a chance to give feedback. At the meeting, I asked the applicant to consider two live music events a week, Mr. Worm declined.

Whether the Plan Commission approves three days a week with live music or fewer days, this request along with the ALRC process means that the applicant will have outdoor uses in the parking lot every day until 9p in the summer season. I agree with the following staff comment and will work with the applicant if requested to assist: “In addition to allowing the expanded outdoor uses under conditions for one year on a trial basis to see if the additional programming of the parking lot can occur harmoniously with surrounding property owners and residents, the limited term of the approval might discourage the applicant from perpetuating the use and maintenance of the rare large surface parking lot present in the central/ downtown area in favor of a redevelopment of that portion of the subject site in a manner consistent with adopted plans.” Relying on these outdoor uses as part of the applicant’s business model is not consistent with adopted plans.

Wednesday May 24 – Transportation Committee – 5p TC Agenda 05.24.23

2. 78015 Update on the Metro Network Redesign Implementation

Nothing is linked in legistar currently.

Wednesday May 24 – Alcohol License Review Committee – 5:30p ALRC 05.24.23

Last week’s meeting was canceled due to lack of quorum.

32. 77906 Change of Licensed Premises 2116 AWA LLC • dba The Atwood Current Capacity (in/out): 160/0 • Proposed Capacity (in/out): 160/20 2116 Atwood Ave • Agent: Brian Mason Class B Combination Liquor & Beer • 85% alcohol, 10% food, 5% other Alder District 6 (Alder Rummel) • Police Sector 410 Request to extend premises outdoors to rear patio for four 10' x 10' tents, at time a perimeter fence will be present with signage reading "No Alcohol Beyond This Point."

I emailed Vanessa Flores, the Atwood’s manager, with questions. I’ve copied her responses:

Q1. proposed hours for the patio

1.My proposed hours would be Mon - Friday 2pm - 8pm; and Sat - Sun 11am- 8pm we will begin to stop outdoor service at that time (8pm) and patrons will no longer be able to take their drinks outside but would still be able to use the back exit till 9pm as our liquor license allows. I do not wish to extend hours beyond that time. We have a strict rule that you're not able to use the back exit or linger in the parking lot after 9pm.

Q2. explanation of the ownership of the area that is the rear of 2118 Atwood.

2. We have an easement for use of the entire parking lot, aside from two parking spots allowed for use by 2118.

Q3. how would the parking lot be monitored and accessed during live music events in the bar per licensed condition #1: On nights when there is live music, a staff member will manage the parking lot from 11 p.m. until it has cleared.

3. During patio hours staff will be monitoring the patio through video surveillance and checking in on patrons. We no longer have live music past 9pm and have not for quite some time. When we do have the occasional band I would not have the patio open as this would cause confusion for staff, patrons, and a nuisance for neighbors.

Q4. if the applicant was proposing patios hours of operation beyond 9p (which I understand would require a conditional use permit from the Plan Commission), I noted that licensed condition #5 states: After 9p, the back door would be used as an emergency exit only

4. I do not wish to propose patio hours after 9pm.

50. 77907 Separated Liquor License Renewal MKS Petroleum LLc • dba Williamson Mini Mart 1130 Williamson St • Agent: Amanprit Dhanoa Class A Beer Alder District 6 (Alder Rummel) • Police Sector 408 Separation requested by City Attorney's Office for conviction.

Thursday May 25 - Housing Strategy Committee – 5p Housing Strategy 05.25.23

2. 77981 Land Banking Presentation from Economic Development Division

3. 77982 2022 Community Development Year-in-Review/Housing Forward by Community Development Division

4. 77983 Housing Strategy Review: Creating Affordable Housing Throughout the City

None of the items have any documents in legistar at this time.

Tuesday May 30 - Neighborhood Meeting RE 702-734 E Washington - 6:30p

Willow Partners proposes to redevelop the properties at 702-734 E. Washington Avenue.

702 is the USPS Carrier Annex and 734 is a storage/heated parking facility.

All existing buildings would be removed, and a new, 14-story, mixed-use building would be constructed. The ground floor would be retail/potential community space; the second floor would be office space; and the remaining floors would be approximately 260-280 multi-family residential units of various types and sizes. The project would also include three to four levels of structured parking, with the number of parking spaces yet to be determined.

An amendment to Urban Design District #8 would be required.

A virtual neighborhood meeting to learn more about this proposal is scheduled for Tuesday, May 30, 2023, at 6:30pm. A postcard has been sent to nearby neighbors.

You can join the virtual meeting using your computer, smartphone, or tablet, or you can listen in via telephone. You will receive login information after registering at MeetingMay30EastWashington.