Updates from last week RE the Essen Haus's proposal for outdoor live music and The Atwood's application for change of licensed premises. Tuesday May 30 is the neighborhood meeting RE 702-704 E Washington. And 1601-1607 Sherman @ Urban Design on Wednesday. Plus, opportunities to meet with Metro staff this week on route changes scheduled to start June 11.

At their meeting of May 22, the Plan Commission conditionally approved the request for alteration to the Specific Implementation Plan (SIP) for the Essen Haus complex -506-518 E Wilson and 134-148 S Blair- to allow outdoor recreation, weekly outdoor events, and special seasonal events in the parking lot for the adjacent restaurant-taverns. The Plan Commission approved live music on Sunday and Monday nights from May 15- September 15, and approved a number of other changes for a one year pilot, see the  Staff letter for Essen Haus conditions approved by Plan Commission. Outdoor live music events will end at 9p. And for 2023 only, the Plan Commission allowed sand volleyball to end at 10:30p.

The Essen Haus, Come Back In and Up North will need to apply separately for liquor and entertainment licenses for outdoor live music events from the Alcohol License Review Committee (ALRC) and satisfy the zoning conditions for the Planned Development alterations before they can host outdoor music events. The ALRC will establish outdoor capacity for special and seasonal events through their process. In addition, ALRC conditions will need to match with the zoning approvals: site plan maps for special events and seasonal events, approved days for outdoor music, list of special events for 2023, and sand volleyball hours, etc. I understand the applicant has initiated the steps for applying for ALRC licenses, I will update when they go to ALRC. Legistar 77018 RE 506-518 E Wilson Street and 134-148 S Blair Street The Common Council must approve the alcohol and entertainment licenses for outdoor music.

At their meeting of May 24, the Alcohol License Review Committee referred the application of The Atwood for a change of licensed premises at the request of the applicant so that I could organize a neighborhood meeting to get feedback on a backyard patio.  Legistar 77906 RE The Atwood 2116 Atwood application for change of licensed premises. I am coordinating with Alder Dina Nina Martinez-Rutherford and once the date is confirmed, I will send out an announcement on my blog and mail a postcard invitation to nearby neighbors. The Atwood is scheduled to be back at the ALRC on June 21.

Tuesday May 30 - Neighborhood Meeting RE 702-734 E Washington - 6:30p

Chris Houden of Willow Partners proposes to redevelop the properties at 702-734 E. Washington Avenue. (702 E Washington is the USPS Carrier Annex and 734 E Washington is a storage/heated parking facility).

All existing buildings would be removed, and a new, 14-story, mixed-use building would be constructed. The ground floor would be retail/potential community space; the second floor would be office space; and the remaining floors would be approximately 260-280 multi-family residential units of various types and sizes. The project would also include three to four levels of structured parking, with the number of parking spaces yet to be determined. An amendment to Urban Design District #8 would be required.

A virtual neighborhood meeting to learn more about this proposal is scheduled for Tuesday, May 30, 2023, at 6:30pm. A postcard has been sent to nearby neighbors.You can join the virtual meeting using your computer, smartphone, or tablet, or you can listen in via telephone. You will receive login information after registering at www.cityofmadison.com/MeetingMay30EastWashington


Wednesday May 31 – Urban Design Commission -  4:30p UDC Agenda 05.31.23

3. 74227 1601-1617 Sherman Avenue - Residential Building Complex. 12th Ald. Dist. Owner: Tenney Place Development, LLC Applicant: Darrin Jolas, Vermilion Acquisitions, LLC Final Approval is Requested UDC is an Advisory Body

Legistar 74227 1601-1617 Sherman plans, public comments and staff memos

Presentation for UDC 05.31.23

UDC Staff Memo RE 1601-1617 Sherman Ave 05.31.23


Check in with Metro staff before route changes start on Sunday June 11, 2023

The City weekly update I sent out also has information about this topic, but in case you missed it, I wanted to highlight opportunities to visit with Metro staff to discuss your routes.

Wednesday May 31 Pinney Library 3-6p

Thursday June 1 Central Library 1-2p

Monday June 5 Central Library 11-2p

Tuesday June 6 Bus and Brownies on the Bike Path 3-6p (at cul de sac of E Wilson and S Ingersoll)

Thursday June 8 MyArts 1055 E Mifflin 4-7p

Saturday June 10 Waterfront Festival 10a-5p

According to the Metro redesign FAQs  “After new redesigned service has been operating for a few weeks in June, staff will review rider and driver feedback to see if any minor tweaks need to be made in August. Service adjustments will most likely be made again in December based on continued feedback.”  You can share feedback at mymetrobus@cityofmadison.com.