Hello everyone! It has been a busy few weeks and I expect the whirlwind to continue. Please contact me with questions and concerns (or poke me again if I haven't responded). Here is my first weekly review of city meetings through the D6 lens. 

Monday 4:30p Finance Committee

Finance Committee Agenda 5/8/2023

The goats are coming back to Madison Parks!

4. 77485 A Resolution authorizing a sole source contract for prescribed grazing services from Haakhagen Goat Grazing LLC for sustainable vegetation management on a (3) year term for the City of Madison Parks.

8. 77652 2024 Capital Budget Request Overview 2024 Capital budget agency requests


Monday 5:30p Plan Commission

Plan Commission Agenda 5/8/2023

The Struck & Irwin site 826 Williamson and 302 S Paterson

Note: Items 14-16 are related and will be considered as one public hearing. Following the public hearing, the Plan Commission shall make separate findings and motions on each agenda item.

14. 77015 826 Williamson Street and 302 S Paterson Street; 6th Ald. Dist.: Consideration of a demolition permit to demolish two commercial buildings.

15. 77016 826 Williamson Street and 302 S Paterson Street; 6th Ald. Dist.: Consideration of a conditional use in the Traditional Shopping Street (TSS) District for a building exceeding four stories and 60 feet in height in the Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) Overlay District; consideration of a conditional use in the TSS District for dwelling units in a mixed-use building with greater than 60 units; and consideration of a conditional use in the TSS District for buildings with non-residential uses occupying less than 50 percent of the ground-floor frontage facing the primary street, all to allow construction of to construct a mixed-use building with a four-story wing consisting of approximately 3,734 sq. ft. of commercial space and 55 apartments on Williamson Street in the Third Lake Ridge Historic Dist. and a five-story wing consisting of approximately 864 sq. ft. of commercial space and 133 apartments on S Paterson Street.

16. 77017 Approving a Certified Survey Map of property owned by Threshold Development, LLC located at 826 Williamson Street and 302 S Paterson Street; Third Lake Ridge Historic Dist.; 6th Ald. Dist.

Staff Report 826 Williamson St and 302 S Paterson The Planning Division recommends demolition, believes standards are met for the three conditional use requests, and if the PC decides that the previous standards are met, staff believes the technical standards for land divisions can be found to be met. Staff requests as a condition of approval that the S Paterson building façade be revised.

“However, staff has concerns regarding the design and articulation of the S Paterson-facing facade. To clarify, staff is NOT requesting any modifications to the items reviewed and approved by the Landmarks Commission. Staff’s primary concern is regarding the S Paterson façade (North East) which is outside of the historic district. While other elevations, including the longer elevations along the bike path, are more articulated and ornate, this prominent street-facing elevation includes a relatively simple pallet. As proposed it includes a single-story brick base, with four levels of grey vertical metal panels, and an off-set window pattern. Staff does not believe that the current composition adequately “reads” as a prominent front façade. Even compared to adjacent facades that predominantly feature the predominant metal panel composition, staff believes that this façade could be enhanced with a different organization of materials. Considering that there are other metal buildings within close proximity, staff is not opposed to the use of metal, though would recommend that the better organize the façade into different vertical bays or sections. This may be possible through a more subtle differentiation in the grey fields as done on other walls. Staff have recommended a condition that this façade be revised to reorganize materials, colors, or otherwise make adjustments to this façade.”

MNA has submitted a letter in support of the project. Otherwise, the vast majority of comments are about protecting the adjacent Isthmus Path Prairie Garden plantings along the bike path.

The Friends of the Isthmus Path Prairie Garden who maintain the prairie request protection of the prairie during construction and also request the developer not deposit salt laden snow from the fire lane and prevent salt laden runoff on the property edge next to the right of way after construction. The Friends also request that the applicant deal with dog waste and fencing. I agree with their requests.

Staff condition #29 addresses the concern about impact during construction but not after.

The public comments contain two letters from a resident that raise questions about the land division when the proposed development is inside and outside of a historic district and whether it is a land combination and subject to Landmarks Commission approval and suggestions for addressing the Friends requests in the conditions for conditional use approval.

Public comments can be found here and here

I am in support of the project. I appreciate the work of the development team to respond to Landmarks regarding their first iteration. I support the staff recommendation to revise the S Paterson facade. I will ask the City Attorney to respond about the question of land divisions vs land combinations. I will ask PC to address the concerns of the Friends of the Isthmus Path Prairie Garden.

Come Back In/Essen Haus/Up North alteration of PD-SIP

20. 77018 506-518 E Wilson Street and 134-148 S Blair Street; 6th Ald. Dist.: Consideration of an alteration to an approved Planned Development District-Specific Implementation Plan (PD-SIP) to allow outdoor recreation, weekly outdoor events, and special seasonal events in the parking lot for the adjacent restaurant-taverns.

Staff will be recommending that the PC refer the alteration to the meeting of May 22, 2023, since the applicant’s Letter of Intent does not completely describe all the changes requested.

Unfortunately, I was not able to organize a neighborhood meeting before the Plan Commission meeting.

You can send comments on agenda items to pccomments@cityofmadison.com


Wednesday 4:30p Urban Design Committee

UDC Agenda 5/10/2023

4. 77467 Amending Section 31.112 of the Madison General Ordinances, Advertising Sign Bank and Replacement Advertising Signs, to extend the sunset date for 8 years and make minor procedural clarifications to the sign bank process for Advertising Signs.

Eight years ago, the Common Council created a policy for ending billboards.  This amendment would extend the sunset another 8 years.

5. 71257 Discussions and Information Related to Future Amendments to MGO Chapter 33.24 - Urban Design Commission Ordinance and the Urban Design Commission Policy and Procedure Manual Update and discussion item only, no formal action will be taken by the Commission: Phase 1 Administrative/Process Related Code Changes.

UDC is about to review and go through a process to update its ordinance. Staff Report MGO 33.24 Updates


Wednesday 5p Public Safety Review Committee

PSRC Agenda 5/10/2023

3. 77617 Report from the Madison Police Department including information on recent gun violence and an update on the strategic plan.

MPD 2023-2028 strategic plan

5. 77476 A Resolution amending the 2023 Operating Budget of the Police Department, adjusting the Wisconsin Department of Administration Law Enforcement Agencies Safer Communities grant budget

The original grant budget included allocations for software that MPD has since learned is not available and sign-on bonuses for out-of-state recruits in the 2023 academy, of which there were none. MPD is requesting to reallocate these funds totaling $195,000 to the items:

  • Security cameras for repair and/or replacement of existing cameras across the City which are presently inoperable and for which capital funding through the Information Technology Department is unavailable (up to $109,345)
  • Psychological evaluations, other initial issue uniform and supplies and equipment for new recruits entering the 2023 Police Pre-Service Academy ($64,055)
  • Pay employer fringe benefits on the $2,000 new hire bonuses for recruits entering the Police Pre-Service Academy ($21,600)
  • Any cost savings will be used for one-time equipment and supplies expenses.


Thursday 8a Madison Metropolitan Sewerage District

PUBLIC HEARING As part of the regular Commission meeting, there will be a public hearing beginning at 8 AM on Thursday, May 11, 2023. 

This Commission meeting and public hearing will take place at Fitchburg City Hall, located at 5520 Lacy Rd. Fitchburg, WI 53713 to receive public comment on the Final Badger Mill Creek Phosphorus Compliance Solution. This meeting will take place in person with a hybrid option to attend and participate virtually via Zoom. To provide comments virtually, please register at https://us06web.zoom.us/j/87181388060; you will then receive an email with instructions on how to join the virtual meeting. To comment in person, register at link.madsewer.org/bmc-plus-inperson or indicate your interest upon arrival at the meeting.

The Mayor appointed me to this commission. I’ve been getting up to speed on the District’s proposal to end discharge of treated wastewater to Badger Mill Creek as strategy to meet WI DNR standards for reducing phosphorus by reading the following reports and watching the last Commission meeting. Stakeholders along BMC have raised concerns about impacts to this beloved trout stream. 

Badger Mill Creek Phosphorus PLUS

Badger Mill Creek Final Compliance Report

Final Compliance Report presentation to Mad Met Sewerage District


Future neighborhood meeting

I sent out a postcard for an upcoming virtual meeting to neighbors along E Wilson and Ingersoll St. The Board of Parks Commissioners referred this item at their last meeting to get neighborhood feedback, especially from immediate neighbors. The BPC will meet Wednesday May 17. I’ll post more about the BPC meeting next week:

A virtual neighborhood meeting is scheduled for Monday, May 15, 2023, at 6:30pm, where we will hear about the Sessions at McPike Park Board’s request to extend Madison Park hours for the Sessions at McPike Park event activities, including amplification and beer sales, to 11pm on Friday, August 11, and Saturday, August 12, 2023 at McPike Park, 202 S. Ingersoll Street. You can join the virtual meeting using your computer, smartphone, or tablet, or you can listen in via telephone. You will receive login information after registering at www.cityofmadison.com/MeetingMay15McPikePark.