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Alder Nasra Wehelie

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Alder Nasra Wehelie

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Common Council Office:
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Alder Wehelie’s Updates

Streets Division Holiday, Storm-Related and Snow Plowing Updates

December 23, 2022 9:09 AM

Drop-off sites closed December 23 due to weather

Sites will reopen Tuesday, December 27

Due to the inclement weather, the Streets Division drop-off sites at 402 South Point Road and 4602 Sycamore Avenue will be closed on Thursday, December 22, and Friday, December 23. Staff assigned to drop-off site operations will instead be used in response to the snowstorm.

The drop-off sites will reopen during their posted hours on Tuesday, December 27, 2022 following the Christmas holiday. (Since Christmas falls on a Sunday, the holiday is observed by City operations on the following Monday.)

Drop-off sites open on Wednesday, December 28
Due to the weather-related closures, the drop-off sites at 402 South Point Road and 4602 Sycamore Avenue will be open on Wednesday, December 28.

The sites will be open from 7:30am to 2:30pm on this day.

The Wednesday operations on December 28, is a one-off event related to the severe weather this week.

Residents should anticipate the drop-off site being closed on Wednesday, January 4, 202,3 and every subsequent Wednesday as per the posted drop-off site operating hours that can be found at

Additional Details
More details about drop-off site rules, regulations, and items accepted can be found at


Trash and recycling collection suspended for Friday, December 23

Make-up collection will occur on Monday, December 26

Due to the extreme winds forecast for Friday and the snowstorm clean-up operations anticipated to also occur, trash and recycling collection will be suspended for Friday, December 23.

Residents who have a scheduled collection day for Friday, December 23, should instead place their carts out for pickup by 6:30am on Monday, December 26, 2022.

It is very important for residents with a Friday collection day to not place their carts out. The extreme wind could blow carts around the neighborhood, and perhaps even scatter recyclables. We do not want that.

On December 26, the priority operations will be to continue with snow clean-up operations, but staff will also be deployed to make up the trash and recycling pickup.

No Change for Residents with a Normally Scheduled Monday Collection
If your normal scheduled pickup day is Monday, you should still plan on having your cart emptied on Tuesday, December 27 as previously announced.

There is no change to the previously announced and published schedule for residents with a regularly scheduled Monday collection day.

Drop-off Site Changes for Winter Storm
The drop-off sites will be closed on December 22 and December 23 in response to the winter storm as well.

Sites will reopen on Tuesday, December 27 on their normal winter hours.

Additional details about drop-off site operations can be found at


Regularly scheduled Monday collections will occur on Tuesday, December 27

Streets Division drop-off sites also closed

In observance of the Christmas holiday, the Streets Division's regularly scheduled trash, recycling, large item, or other solid waste collections for Monday, December 26, will instead occur on Tuesday, December 27.

Streets Division offices and drop-off sites will also be closed on Monday, December 26.

Trash & Recycling Collection
If your trash and recycling is collected on Mondays by the Streets Division, you should place your scheduled cart(s) to the curb for collection by 6:30am on Tuesday, December 27.

Only residents that have a Monday collection day will experience a delay in refuse and recycling pickup services.

If you have a Tuesday collection of trash and recycling by the Streets Division, you should also place your scheduled cart(s) out for emptying by 6:30am on December 27.

If you set your carts out after 6:30am for their scheduled pickup, you may miss your collection opportunity. You will need to wait until the next scheduled pickup day to have your carts emptied.

If you are unsure if the holiday will cause your trash & recycling to be delayed a day, consult your collection schedule. You can download the one for your home today by entering your address into the form at

Large Item Collection
Due to the holiday, large item collection will get underway on Tuesday, December 27 for residents who submitted work orders to set out items on Sunday, December 25.

As a reminder, all large item collections must be scheduled in advance by submitted a work order.

You should set the items out on the date you selected in the work order – not earlier. Crews do not provide early pickup.

Create your large item work order at

Drop-off Sites
The City of Madison drop-off sites will be closed on Monday, December 26 in observance of Christmas holiday.

The sites will reopen for their normal winter operating hours on Tuesday, December 27.

Check the Streets Division's website to verify the locations and hours before loading up a vehicle to bring material to a site. The drop-off site webpage is

Collection Calendar Error
An earlier version of the trash and recycling calendar had a mistake for residents with a Monday trash and recycling pickup day.

The error was fixed, a new version was published, and a press release was sent out notifying residents of the update.

You can get the corrected version of the collection schedule calendar at

Additional Information
Additional information about all of the Streets Division's recycling and solid waste services is available at our web site


Snow Plowing Update: December 23

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The citywide plowing has been completed. Streets Division crews are now moving into the maintenance phase of this storm event as they work to keep up with snow blowing across roads and creating drifts.

Streets crews will continue on this maintenance, or clean-up, phase all through Friday and most of Saturday when the winds are expected to finally ease and the blowing and drifting issues subside.

Roads are snow-covered, including the main thoroughfares, and they will remain this way through the weekend. If you elect to be out on the roads in the days ahead, please make good choices. Snow covered roads are slippery. Stopping and turning suddenly may cause you to slide. Please anticipate your turns and give yourself more room to stop. Drive slowly. Stay alert.

The main thoroughfares are so snow-covered due to the frigid temperatures. Salt at the rate applied by the Streets Division is ineffective when temperatures get this cold. Instead, crews have been deploying sand to provide traction on the hills, curves, and intersections of the main routes. Temperatures are not expected to rise above the salting threshold until next week.

Other important reminders in looking at today and travel through the weekend.

Trash and recycling collection was cancelled for Friday, December 23 and also the Streets Division drop-off sites are closed today due to the weather. Staff typically assigned to these tasks are instead helping on the continuing effort to combat the blowing and drifting snow.

If you rely on pathways and bus stops for travel, use caution in the days ahead. As the blowing and drifting snow continues, pathways and bus stops are also likely to be covered over with snow, especially as Streets Division crews focus on treating the roads. Temperatures are expected to sub-zero on Friday with wind chills negative 30 degrees. Saturday and Sunday conditions are expected to be similarly frigid. This intense cold can lead to frostbite on exposed skin very quickly. Additional details about staying safe in extreme cold conditions can be found on the City of Madison Winter website.

Streets Division staff will continue to monitor the roads and the weather. Future updates will be provided as conditions change and operations adjust.

To stay informed about the latest winter updates:

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