Hi everyone!

It's a busy time for many of us, with classes coming to an end and finals creeping in. Wishing you all the best of luck, and to keep your heads up as warmer weather and a fun summer is inbound! Here are some quick updates.

Mifflin Block Street Party

Over 10,000 students attended the Mifflin Block Street Party on Saturday, which was staffed by over 200 officers. Many of you have already heard of a few arrests that took place, espeically one regarding a stolen gun found in a backpack. I want to thank the Madison Police Department for their work keeping us safe, they had help from the Dane County Sheriff's Office, UWPD, Capitol Police and the Madison Fire Department. Further props to the Building Inspection Division for working with students to check porches and prevent collapses, along with checking other structural building issues. I espeically want to thank students for sharing tips for mifflin across social media, ensuring that people knew general rules, and advice to being safe during the event. It was a huge crowd, and personnally I want to give a shoutout to the house blasting Taylor Swift -- that was great.

Mifflin originally started out as a protest against the vietnam war, showing the power that students have when we're united together. And although it is no longer a protest, it's now a fun stress reliver for us as we head into finals, and graduation for some of us. I'm committed to ensuring we keep and improve safety at Mifflin, while ensuring it continues to be a fun event we look forward to.

Community Involvement - Have your voice heard!

The Campus Area Neighborhood Association - CANA is the official city-designated neighborhood association, who provide specific reccomendations from students on projects happening within the neighborhood. Your recommendations are taken seriously by city staff, espeically regarding new apartment buildings being constructed, transportation changes, and more. Anything that affects our community, CANA can provide a say in. You can get involved filling out this form.

Apply to City Committees - There are many vacancies on committees within the city. If you are interested in a certain policy area, this is a great way to get involved and have your voice heard. If you choose to apply, please reach out to me at 608-509-9119, as Alders can make recommendations which help the applicant! You can find a list of vacancies here.

Things for This Summer

Bus routes are changing and new routes go into effect on June 11th. More information can be found here. Major changes: Most buses will now be labeled as letters instead of numbers, certain routes no longer exist (ex: bus 4), certain bus stops are being closed.

And finally I want to thank everyone for their support over the last few weeks. It's been exciting and overwhelming learning so much while also attempting to finish strong with finals and exams. Good luck to you all on your exams, and let the countdown to summer begin!