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  • My Expanded Statement on the Gaza Ceasefire Resolution

    During the December 5th Common Council meeting, I spoke to my reasonings for voting in favor but removing my name as a sponsor from the Ceasefire Resolution. This blog post is intended to expand upon my statement from that meeting.

  • A Housing Taskforce: Let's Talk Effectiveness

    The Council will be considering creating a Housing Taskforce this upcoming Tuesday, it's purpose being to address both the housing shortage and lack of affordability within our city. There is also an alternative version being proposed, though the…

  • Discussing the Downtown Building Height Limit

    Some of you have already heard about the push to increase the building height limits in the downtown area. Unsurprisingly, this is an attempt to address a part of the housing crisis -- specifically regarding student housing. There have been some…

  • My Thoughts on Tuesday Night's Vote on Student Housing

    Greetings!  Tuesday night the Common Council voted to approve a high-end development at Johnson & Bassett street. After a lengthy discussion lasting till nearly 1:30am, with a vote of 17-2 and 1 absentation, the item was approved, I voted…

  • Press Release regarding Racist, Hateful Student Video

    MADISON, WI – District 8 Alder MGR Govindarajan released the following statement: “The video of Audrey Godlewski disrespecting and using racial slurs towards black students on campus are disgusting. These actions go far behind just one student as…

  • Mifflin, Community Involvement & More

    Hi everyone! It's a busy time for many of us, with classes coming to an end and finals creeping in. Wishing you all the best of luck, and to keep your heads up as warmer weather and a fun summer is inbound! Here are some quick updates.Mifflin Block…

  • Hello District 8!

    Hi everyone! First and foremost, thank you all for your support during the campaign and especially the past three weeks as I've been transitioning into this new role. The messages of support have been overwhelming, and I'm excited to serve you as…

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