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Alder Nikki Conklin

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Alder Nikki Conklin

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7046 Tree Ln

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210 Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd
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Madison, WI 53703
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Alder Conklin’s Updates

Meeting and Event Highlights for the Week of March 7, 2022

March 7, 2022 10:47 AM

Hey Everybody,

Happy snowy Monday. I hope everyone had a great weekend. Last week was a very tough week for my 2 older kids who both attend Memorial High School. There was multiple bomb threats, evacuations, gun threats and fires. On top of all that. My neighbor's baby was choking, he ran to my house, I had my son call 911 and I tried to help save the choking baby, before first responders showed up and I ran the baby out to first responders. So, things have been very hectic and I apologize if I have not gottaen back to you. I have a lot of catching up to do. So, please don't hesitate to reach out again, if you haven't heard from me.


Alder Conklin


7000 block Tree Lane
Madison, WI

Madison Fire EMTs are credited with saving the life of a child who went pulseless after choking on a bottle cap.

Ladder Co. 2 and Medic 6 responded to Tree Lane where an 11-month-old child put a bottle cap in his mouth and began to choke. The child was carried outside to meet first responders. Upon Ladder 2's arrival, a Madison Police officer already on scene was performing back blows to try to clear the object from the child's airway to no avail. Ladder 2 took over patient care, alternating between back blows and chest compressions. The obstruction would not budge. Within moments, the child's heart stopped beating.

EMTs began performing CPR, and details of the situation were relayed to paramedics en route to the call. Paramedics advised the ladder crew to retrieve a Magill forceps and laryngoscope and to use these tools to pull the object out of the child's airway. The ladder crew did so, and they successfully cleared the obstruction just as Medic 6 arrived on scene.

Paramedics cleared fluids from the patient's mouth and airway, and the child's oxygen saturation levels soon returned to normal. En route to the hospital, the child became more responsive and eventually began to cry, a welcome sound to all who had come to his aid.


We are plowing all of the City of Madison streets today.  There will not be a snow emergency declared.

If you are signed up for the snowplow update emails, you probably already received that.

But, just in case, here's the link to the plow update information:


If you're residents have a Tuesday trash and recycling day, please remind them not to place their carts in the street.  Carts are an obstruction to plowing, just like parked cars.  The die has been cast already for folks with a Monday trash day, but since plowing will linger on through the day, we need to get ahead of the Tuesday trash day folks who may be placing their carts out this evening.


On the east side, the Tuesday collection day is where the city bends around Lake Monona east of the Yahara River, south of Commercial Avenue, and west of Stoughton Road (SASY, Eastmorland, Darbo, Emerson, and a bit of Eken Park neighborhoods). 


On the west side, it's all the neighborhoods south of Raymond Road (Glacier Ridge, Stone Meadows, Maple-Prairie, Westhaven, Skyview Meadows, and parts of Prairie Hills, Meadowood, and Madison West neighborhoods.)


Plan to End Homelessness

The City-County Homeless Issues Committee will be receiving a presentation on the development of Madison/Dane County's Plan to End Homelessness, as well as updates on Housing Forward and the men's shelter at its meeting on Monday.


CARES Unit and Vision Zero

The Public Safety Review Committee will receive an update on the CARES unit from the Madison Fire Department, as well as a discussion on adopting the Vision Zero Action Plan, at its meeting on Wednesday.


Transit Network Redesign, Truth and Reconciliation, and Housing Issues

The Equal Opportunities Commission will be receiving a presentation on the transit network redesign process, discussing a proposed truth and reconciliation process, and discussing housing issues at its meeting on Thursday.


Madison Fire Chief Hiring Process

The Police and Fire Commission is meeting on Friday to discuss and possibly make recommendations on the MFD Chief hiring process.


For additional information about additional meetings scheduled for this week, please consult the City Meeting Schedule online here



  • The Latino Academy of Workforce Development announces free Google certification courses for online learning. Requirements: Must be 13 years or older, intermediate level of English, 10 hour/week commitment. Space is limited. You must register by Friday, March 11, 2022.
    • Project Management: Prepare for an entry-level job as a project manager. In this program, you will learn how project managers successfully start, plan, and execute a project using both traditional and agile project management approaches. This is for you if you enjoy solving problems, working with people, and value organization. Register here.
    • Google IT Support: Prepare for an entry-level job as an IT support specialist. In this program, you will learn the fundamentals of operating systems and networking, and how to troubleshoot problems using code to ensure computers run correctly. This is for you if you enjoy solving problems, learning new tools, and helping others. Register here.
  • Dane County is planning a sustainability campus and landfill expansion to be sited at the Yahara Golf Course. Learn more about it at a March 10 meeting in McFarland.

·       Angela Trudell Vasquez will serve as Madison Public Library's Poet-in-Residence from March-May 2022 and will offer a number of programs for all ages. During the residency, Vasquez will provide workshops catering to different age groups, including adults, teens, and youth and families. These workshops go beyond just words in bringing poetry to life. At each workshop, Vasquez will pair up with an artist, dancer or nature educator to provide an interactive exploration that broadens the ways we experience poetry. Workshops will be hosted at various library locations across the city. Learn more here.



·       Please remember that despite the local health order expiring, masks still must be worn on Metro buses due to federal requirements. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has extended its Order requiring all passengers and employees to wear face masks while utilizing all forms of public transit, including Metro Transit buses and paratransit vehicles. The federal order remains in effect until March 18, 2022. This continues to make it a federal law for masks to be worn when boarding, disembarking, and for the duration of travel. Masks are also required at all transfer points and shelters. Learn more here.

  • Spring cleanup begins! Starting the evening of March 6, 2022, Streets Division street sweepers will operating on Madison roadways 16-hours a day collecting the sand, salt, and other accumulated grit from the roads. Read more here.
  • Did you know that, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, women make up 10.9% of the U.S. construction workforce? The Engineering Division, in partnership with the Parks Division, Water Utility and Traffic Engineering Division, is proud to join the nationally-recognized Women in Construction Week, March 6-12, 2022. Starting March 7, 2022, each agency will highlight a woman's work and journey in the construction industry with social media posts, written article and video feature. Learn more here.
  • The Board of Police and Fire Commissioners (PFC) for the City of Madison, Wisconsin is soliciting input from the public regarding the hiring of a new Fire Chief. Public input is welcome either at the regularly scheduled meetings of the Police and Fire Commission or via email to The PFC meeting on March 14 at 5:30pm will be the final opportunity to speak to the commission before it makes a decision. Find registration information for the March 14 meeting and information on the four finalists here.

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