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Street Terrace Permit: Land Development

Contact: Email City Engineering Phone Number (608) 266-4751
The street terrace is the space that lies between the sidewalk and the curb. The following street terrace improvements require a Street Terrace Permit from the Engineering Division:
    • Residential driveway aprons (less than 4 parking stalls)
    • Sidewalk replacement (may require different permitting depending on amount of work)
    • Minor landscaping in the right of way (bricks and pavers, retaining walls, stairways) – subject to approval
    • Installation of terrace rain garden


  1. Apply for Permit

    Note: All contractors performing any work in the City right of way need to be prequalified by the City of Madison.

    What to Include:
    You may obtain the permit on-line and fax it to (608) 267-1123 or go to:
    Larry D. Nelson Engineering Operations Facility
    1600 Emil Street
    Madison, WI  53713

  2. Permit Review

    Allow 5 – 7 working days for review

  3. Completion

    Permit issued by City Engineering upon successful review. Follow directions on permit for inspection prior to the start of construction.

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