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Beginning June 8, 2020 the Building Inspection plan review and zoning review counters will be open to the public by appointment only.

For information about scheduling an appointment and other Building Inspection services please see the Building Inspection Coronavirus (COVID-19) page.

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General Information

Security Deposits


  • Your security deposit or partial deposit with a written itemized statement showing thespecific reasons for any deductions must be mailed within 21 days of the termination ofthe rental agreement. MGO 32.07(7), ATCP 134.06(4), Wis. Stats. 704.28 

  • If you move out early,and the unit is not re-rented, they can return your deposit up to 21days after the end of the lease. ATCP 134.06(2)(b); Wis. Stats. 704.28(4)

  • Routine painting or carpet cleaning, if there is no unusual damage caused by tenant abuse, cannot be deducted from security deposit. MGO 32.07(14), ATCP 134.06(3)(c) 
  • Cashing a check for partial payment does not mean you waive your rights to seek the full amount owed. MGO 32.07(7)(d), ATCP 134.06(2)(e) 
  • Remember to provide a forwarding address for your security deposit. ATCP 134.06(5)
Last Updated: 08/13/2012

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Rent Abatement

Tenants may be able to reduce their rent if a landlord hasn't corrected certain housing code violations.

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