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2022 Youth and Adult Employment RFP


This RFP seeks proposals from organizations that will, together, provide a continuum of services ranging from supported high school graduation, GED attainment, pre and post-employment training and services, employment and career guidance, and work placement for youth, young adults, and adults who face barriers to gainful employment. In addition to the direct personal economic benefits that accrue to participants, creating pathways to employment also serves as one approach to addressing racial and economic disparities, juvenile delinquency, and neighborhood violence.

The City is seeking proposals from organizations with demonstrated successes in and a willingness to support one or more of the following services: 

  • Youth Employment Services (ages 14-21)
  • Young Adult Employment Services (ages 18-26)
  • Adult Employment Services (ages 18+) 
Letter of Intent
Applicants wishing to be considered for funding through the RFP process must submit a Letter of Intent form by Tuesday, July 12, 2022, 4:30 PM CST, to
Applicants are required to attend an RFP workshop, or schedule a conversation with City staff (Yolanda Shelton-Morris or Hugh Wing) about their proposals by July 19, 2022, at 4:30 pm to be eligible to apply. 
Both workshops will cover the same content, so it is only necessary to attend one.
Last Updated: 07/05/2022

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