Madison is the predominant urban center in south central Wisconsin, providing a livable, innovative, vibrant, and stable economy anchored by the University of Wisconsin, State government, and a strong and diversified private employment base. Madison has a low unemployment rate and dynamic private sector marked by fast growing trade, service and hi-tech industry sectors.
Madison is fortunate to have a balanced mix of private and public sector jobs that allow for an economy that remains healthy even during economic downturns.
The City of Madison has a strongly educated workforce. Madison leads the country in number of residents that have attended college with,three-quarters of adult residents in this category. In 2012 Madison was ranked the #4 Brainiest City in the U.S.. by Atlantic Cities.
Educated Workforce
High School or Higher 95%
Bachelors or Higher 54%
Graduate or Professional 25%
Top Industries by Growth
Education Services
Food & Drinking Services
Professional & Technical Services
Administrative & Support Services
Madison Area Top Ten Private Employers (excluding healthcare)
Epic Systems 6,200 FTE
American Family Insurance 3,536 FTE
WPS Health Insurance 2,547 FTE
TDS Telecommunications Corporation 1,900 FTE
Covance Laboratories 1,860 FTE
CUNA Mutual Group 1,750 FTE
Kraft Foods/Oscar Mayer 1,600 FTE
QBE Regional Insurance   964 FTE
Great Lakes Education Corporation & Affiliates   781 FTE
Alliant Energy   738 FTE

Madison Area Top Five Health Care Employers

UW Hospital & Clinic 4,399 FTE
UW Medical Foundation 3,768 FTE
Dean Health System 2,812 FTE
Meriter Health Services 1,229 FTE
St. Mary's Hospital   794 FTE


Last Updated: 07/12/2013

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Workforce Incentive Resources

The following organizations offer workforce incentives for businesses in the Madison Region:

WI Department of Workforce Development

WI Worknet

Workforce Development Board of SC WI