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It has been just over a year since the work began to update the Darbo-Worthington-Starkweather (DWS) Neighborhood Plan. Public input has been gathered throughout the planning process.  Joining Forces for Families, East Madison, Goodman, and Salvation Army Centers, Mentoring Positives,  SASY, Women of Worthington, Lowell, O'Keffee and East High, to name a few,  have been supportive in helping us reach residents.  We are grateful for East Planning Council, SASY, Union Triangle, and Worthington Park Neighborhood Associations for engaging neighbors in this planning effort. All the public input received can be reviewed on the project website.

Now it is time to end the planning process and gear up for the implementation of the plan. Come, invite your neighbors and participate in this last stage of the DWS planning process.

Neighborhood Walk-Thru

Neighborhood walk-thru were conducted during the summer by neighborhood residents

Neighborhood Service Providers

In July 2016, residents and services providers gathered to discuss priorities for the neighborhood

Neighborhood Advocates

Trusted advocates from or serving the neighborhood shared the strengths and challenges of making the neighborhood a great place to live


Planning Area

Planning Area



Last Updated: 05/19/2017

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