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2405 Cypress Way/825-837 Hughes Place/810 W. Badger Road

See Legistar file TBD, 73820, 73821 & 73825 for full archive including comments and approval letter.


Land Use Application
Letter of Intent
Project Plans
Subdivision Application
Certified Survey Map

Background Information

Type: SR-V1 to CC-T, Demolition Permit, Conditional Use, and CSM Referral

Date Circulated: September 20, 2022

Comments Due: October 28, 2022

Project Description: Demolish one-story commercial building to construct two-story, 39,200 square-foot community center and re-divide five parcels into two lots

Property Owners: City of Madison

Project Contact: Colleen O'Meara, Eppstein Uhen Architects/Wade Wyse, Wyser Engineering, LLC

Alderperson: Sheri Carter, District 14

Please see the City's Current Projects webpage for meeting dates and Planning Division contact information: 

Last Updated: 09/20/2022