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2801 Hickory Ridge Road & 7801 Raymond Road Prelim & Final Plat

See Legistar file 55429 for full archive including comments and approval letter.


Subdivision Application
Letter of Intent
Preliminary Plat
Final Plat

Background Information

Type: Preliminary and Final Plat

Date Circulated: April 19 2019

Comments Due: April 26 2019

Project Description: Esker, creating four single-family lots along Hickory Ridge Road in TR-C1 zoning and residential building complex with 178 apartments in four buildings and 24 townhouse units in four buildings on three lots in SR-V2 zoning

Property Owners: Alex McKenzie, Esker Apartments, LLC

Project Contact: David Gullickson, Vierbicher Associates, Inc.

Planning Unit Contact: Tim Parks, 261-9632 -

Alderperson: Donna Moreland, District 7

Urban Design Commission: May 8 2019

Plan Commission: May 20 2019

Common Council: June 11 2019

Last Updated: 05/07/2019