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4002 Evan Acres Road

See Legistar file TBD for full archive including comments and approval letter.


Land Use Application
Letter of Intent
Site Plan 1
Site Plan 2

Background Information

Type: CC to PD(GDP)

Date Circulated: March 29 2019

Comments Due: April 26 2019

Project Description: General Development Plan for future construction of 26,700 sq. ft. heritage center, expanded casino, two parking garages with 1,880 stalls, 40,800 sq. ft. conference center, hotel, and restaurant-tavern

Property Owners: Daniel Brown, Ho-Chunk Nation

Project Contact: Peter Tan, Strang, Inc.

Planning Unit Contact: Tim Parks, 261-9632 -                

Alderperson: Michael Tierney, District 16

Urban Design Commission: May 8 2019

Plan Commission: May 20 2019

Common Council: June 4 2019

Last Updated: 03/27/2019