4802 Sheboygan Avenue (PP/CSM/FP)

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Subdivision Application
Preliminary Plat Application
Final Plat Application
Letter of Intent
Certified Survey Map
Preliminary Plat
Final Plat

Background Information

Type: Revised Preliminary Plat, Certified Survey Map and Final Plat

Date Circulated: 10 August 2018

Comments Due: 31 August 2018

Project Description: Revised preliminary plat of Madison Yards at Hill Farms subdivision to create seven lots for mixed-use development; CSM to create one lot for State office building and one lot for private development; final plat to create six lots for mixed-use development.

Property Owners: State of Wisconsin

Project Contact: Mark Pynnonen, Birrenkott Surveying

Planning Unit Contact: Tim Parks, 261-9632 - tparks@cityofmadison.com                

Alderperson: Arvina Martin, District 11

Urban Design Commission: n/a

Plan Commission: 17 September 2018

Common Council: 25 September 2018


Last Updated: 08/09/2018

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