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701 Gardener Road

See Legistar file TBD for full archive including comments and approval letter.


Land Use Application
Letter of Intent
Project Plans

Background Information

Type: PD(GDP) to Amended PD(GDP-SIP)

Date Circulated: November 24 2020

Comments Due: December 30 2020

Project Description: Approve amended general development plan and specific implementation plan for Block 2 of Madison Yards at Hill Farms to construct a 56,000 sq. ft. grocery store, 15-story, 275-room apartment building, with shared structured parking and loading.

Property Owners: Madison Yards Block 6, LLC

Project Contact: Sean Roberts, Summit Smith Development

Alderperson: Arvina Martin, District 11

Please see the City's Current Projects webpage for meeting dates and Planning Division contact information: 

Last Updated: 11/24/2020