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8110-8134 Mid Town Road/1833-1859 Waldorf Boulevard

See Legistar file TBD for full archive including comments and approval letter.


Revised Site Plan & Letter of Intent (2/28/2020)

Background Information

Type: PD to Amended PD(GDP-SIP) 

Date Circulated: January 16 2020

Comments Due: February 21 2020

Project Description: Amend Midtown Center General Development Plan and approve Specific Implementation Plan to construct a mixed-use development containing 4,000 square feet of commercial space and 271 apartments in three buildings.

Property Owners: JCAP Real Estate

Project Contact: Rick Wessling, Urbanworks Architecture, LLC

Planning Unit Contact: Tim Parks, 261-9632 - 

Alderperson: Barbara Harrington-McKinney, District 1

Urban Design Commission: March 11 2020

Plan Commission: March 23 2020

Common Council: March 31 2020

Last Updated: 03/06/2020