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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the City really listening?
  • Yes, however, the Plan needs to work within the framework of the Comprehensive Plan.
  • Recommendations need to be prioritized given limited City resources.
Distrust of City government / harm repair
  • South Madison Planning Team is committed to building relationships with the South Madison community to cultivate long lasting partnerships and make this a successful project for the South Madison community.
  • South Madison Planning Team is committed to being transparent about the Plan’s process and what the City can and cannot do.
  • Planning process will explore ways South Madison can change to benefit the community (housing, jobs, transportation) while minimizing displacement of people and businesses.
  • Looking at what tools the City has to address gentrification and displacement.
  • State legislation bars municipalities from enacting policies that some other states use to address gentrification and affordability, such as rent control.
What is the decision-making process?
  • Plan recommendations are being drafted with input from the public and will be reviewed with the public prior to the draft plan being finalized.
  • Draft plan will be reviewed by several boards, committees and commissions for recommendations to be forwarded to the Common Council for its consideration when adopting the final plan.
  • Adoption process is open for public input.
How accessible is this planning process to communities of color and low-income families?
  • The majority of materials have been translated in Spanish.
  • Several public engagement events have been held in entirely in Spanish (both online and in-person).
  • The City staff team hired individuals from the community to gather feedback and inform residents, property owners and business owners about the plan.
  • Educational planning materials have been distributed to various organizations and publicly accessible buildings.
What has been done?
How can I get involved/ Stay informed?
  • Attend public meetings of the South Madison Plan to learn more about the process and provide input concerning the issues and topics in the community that concern you most.
  • Attend the Common Council, board, committee, or commissions meetings to provide feedback during approval process (dates to be determined)
  • Subscribe to email list to get updates regarding the South Madison Plan
  • Follow the City of Madison’s Planning social media for announcements
    • Twitter: PlanningMadison
    • Instagram: planningmadison
    • Facebook: City of Madison Planning
  • Meet with a planner by requesting an appointment via email
  • Contact Alder Sheri Carter at or 608-698-6027
Community Feedback
  • The South Madison Planning Team heavily relies on community feedback to inform the Plan’s recommendations and strategies.
  • Staff team shares feedback with other City agencies and project teams, and other city entities share community feedback with the South Madison Planning Team.
  • Strive to continue meaningful engagement with those who have not been reached before or are historically left out of such conversations.
  • Paused public portion of the Plan due to COVID-19
  • South Madison Planning Team understands that the pandemic has disproportionately impacted South Madison residents and has considered that in the planning process and plan.
Town of Madison
  • The designated areas of the Town of Madison will become part of the City of Madison on October 31, 2022
  • The Town of Madison transferred Fire, EMS, and Building Inspection services to the City of Madison in November 2020.
For more information about the Town of Madison attachment visit
Last Updated: 05/13/2021