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Mifflandia - November 05, 2019

Draft Plan

June 3rd Public Meeting:

March 4th Public Meeting:

This West Washington - West Mifflin Area Plan will analyze opportunities within a small area centered upon the 400-500 blocks of West Mifflin Street and West Washington Avenue. The Downtown Plan (adopted in 2012) established a vision for the future transformation of this area, and recommended a more detailed plan for the future.

To accomplish this, City Planning Staff is utilizing a public engagement strategy called "MIfflandia" to interact with students,  residents, businesses,  property owners, and other stakeholders.  "Mifflandia" uses a light hearted name to engage people who may not normally be interested in City Planning, and will use social practice art and other techniques reach a wide audience.

The result of this engagement will be the development of plan recommendations for more detailed design standards and implementation strategies for the planning areas. This plan will also address land use, preservation, redevelopment opportunities, building and streetscape design, open space, activity nodes, and connectivity to the abutting neighborhoods.

October 29, 2018 kickoff meeting information:

Thank you to all who participated in our Mifflandia Kickoff meeting on October 29. Over 90 residents, businesses owners, students and stakeholders visited eight different gallery stations and were patient with Planning Staff as we went through a long group polling exercise. The results of the meeting have given staff a rich set of data from which to start looking at plan recommendation alternatives.

If you are interested in looking more closely at the feedback from the meeting, please follow these links:

October Business Roundtable notes

Kickoff meeting presentation

Kickoff meeting Group Polling exercise with results

Kickoff meeting notes and info from different gallery stations

Kickoff meeting Gallery Guide


The Planning Team encourages you and others you know to fill out our new survey. The survey asks some of the same question as we did at the October 29 kick-off meeting, but also adds a few more based upon the input that we received at the meeting.

The poll will be open until November 30.

The link to the survey is here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/Mifflandia

Social Practice Art Engagement & Artists Information

What is Social Practice Art?

Social practice artists aim to affect their community and environment in a real (rather than symbolic) way to help guide social change.

Additional Social Practice Art Opportunities:

The City's Planning Division is working with artist Emily Popp to coordinate a series of events and projects with four other artists to aid the City's public engagement campaign to reach students, residents, and underrepresented groups in innovative and creative ways during the Mifflandia Plan process. Over the next several months, these art experience events will be scheduled in and around the neighborhood. If you are interested in further participation, please sign up for email updates

Meet the artists:

Emily Popp - Mifflandia Artist and Coordinator


Popp began exploring textile arts as a costume designer and knitter. Emily is interested in fashion as performance and personal expression. As an MFA student, she is exploring fashion as it relates to everyday life, community, and social justice.

Anwar Floyd Pruitt - Thresholds Mapping


Artist and filmmaker. Through working with children as a mentor, science teacher, and art instructor, his work has become increasingly concerned with social issues and the empowerment of marginalized communities. 

Rob Dz - Music Mapping


Hip Hop Artist with ties to the Public Library Bubbler, Boys and Girls Club, Nehemiah Center, Joining Forces for Families, as well as teaching audio production and personal branding to area youth and incarcerated juveniles.

Alaura - Interview & Story Mapping


Queer and feminist artist, writer, Educator and Outreach Director at the Arts + Literature      Laboratory. Their major creative works are transdisciplinary, social, and performative, while day to day projects work through questions in small visual experiments.

Maria Wood - Comics Mapping


A native of Honduras, Maria Amalia maintains a studio in Madison, Wis., and enjoys working with textiles, papermaking and community-focused storytelling. With a creative process that embraces a personal and socially engaged art practice, her work delves into the complexities of a life lived between Central America and the Midwestern United States.

Last Updated: 12/18/2019

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