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Neighborhood Conferences

Thank you for your interest in the 2019 Mayor’s Neighborhood Roundtable.

There was a great turnout on November 2, 2019. It was good to see so many people interested in their neighborhoods and city.

If you missed the event you can still watch it on the Madison City Channel website.

Mayor's Neighborhood Roundtable

There are also links from the roundtable's events provided below:

Thank you to Madison Gas and Electric for their continued sponsorship of neighborhood conferences and roundtables.
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Mayors Roundtable 2017


The City of Madison Mayor's Neighborhood Conferences and Roundtables bring together hundreds of the most thoughtful, conscious, and caring people involved in neighborhoods across our city. Our community-wide conference/roundtable are about making new connections, forming new partnerships, and strategizing together about how we can celebrate and tackle our neighborhoods greatest challenges. It is also about expression – showcasing some of the coolest place making projects, applaud creative ways neighbors achieved desired changes, and celebrate the work that residents do to make their block and neighborhood a better place to live.

Deeply engaged and active residents is what helps fuel change – let's work on how to effectively cultivate our civic infrastructure so it electrifies all of us. Come to this event to learn, meet, and support people who care about their community.

Video from past conferences and roundtables

2018: Shaping Community/Driving Action
Welcome and Open - video
Lunch Keynote Tom Lynch, Transportation Director   video   presentation
Mayor's Q&A   video
Summer Flooding   video   presentation
Pedestrian Safety and Neighborhood Traffic Management Workshop   video   presentation
Transit and Parking   presentation
Affordable Housing Workshop   video
Addressing Stigma for a Safer Community   video


2017:  Equitable, Healthy, and Exciting Places to Live
Select workshop sessions are online via the Madison City Channel



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Ruth Ethington

Workshops and Other Assistance as Indicated

Linda Horvath, van transportation

Jule Stroick, workshops

Angela Puerta, childcare and language assistance

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