Odana Area Plan

2nd Virtual Public Participation Series

The City of Madison Planning Division is beginning another phase of virtual public participation for the Odana Area Plan. There will be a Lunch & Learn followed by an Evening Engagement where City staff will present draft concepts, gather input, and facilitate discussions about future land use, transportation, parks and open space, and related elements.

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Register using the links below. You will receive an email with a Zoom link to access the meeting by calling in or connecting via your computer or other device. The content presented and discussed during the lunchtime event and evening event will be the same.
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The presentation will be given in English. If you need an interpreter or other accommodations, please contact us.  If you have any questions, contact Ben Zellers at bzellers@cityofmadison.com.

Dates for the Greater East Towne Area Plan will be announced shortly.


Virtual Lunch and Learns and Evening Engagments comments summary

Virtual Lunch and Learns and Evening Engagements

The City of Madison Planning Division is continuing digital engagement for the Greater East Towne and Odana Area Plan with a series of virtual lunch and learn and evening engagements.  This follows up on Mall Madness PDF , a tournament style bracket used to better understand the public's thoughts and preferences PDF  about how these areas could transform in the coming years.

Schedule of Engagements:


Mall Madness

Madison Mall Maddness Results

The City of Madison is planning for the future of the city's malls! To kick-off the Greater East Towne and Odana Area Plans, we used a tournament style bracket to better understand thoughts and preferences about how the areas could transform in the coming years. Each “team” represents a potential component of a comprehensive redevelopment vision.  Teams in each bracket region represent a different focus: Things to Do, Places to Live and Work, Getting Around, and Design and Character. 


The Odana Area Plan boundary encompasses 1,044 acres – that’s 73% larger than Downtown Madison.  The area is primarily made up of concentrations of single-use office development and single-use retail development surrounded by large parking lots.  This style of development, primarily constructed from the 1970s through the 1990s, increases traffic, decreases pedestrian and bicycle activity, reduces the effectiveness of transit, and increases stormwater runoff, amongst other negative impacts. 

The 2018 Comprehensive Plan significantly increased the amount of planned mixed-use development in the area, but also noted that redevelopment that includes substantial residential components should be preceded by adoption of a detailed City plan that addresses connectivity improvements, more parks and open space, and other amenities and infrastructure necessary to support residential development.  The overall goal for the Odana Area Plan process is to create a plan that addresses those elements to facilitate redevelopment within an area that has, thus far, not seen as much redevelopment as many other areas of the city that are between West Towne and East Towne.  The Plan will also look to prepare the area for future Bus Rapid Transit service.   

The Odana Area Plan creation, combined with the concurrent Greater East Towne Area Plan process, represents a new type of undertaking for the City: large-scale plans to guide redevelopment of predominantly commercial areas into mixed-use Activity Centers. 

Last Updated: 01/11/2021


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