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Public Art

Metro Transit Public Art Project
The Madison Arts Commission has selected four finalists for the Metro Transit Public Art Project. Each of the finalists has prepared an artist talk detailing past projects and their approach to public art. Members of the community are invited to review the artist talks at the links below and submit a feedback form to share your thoughts at this stage of the review process.

Utility Box Art Program

"I believe that the city plan of Madison will fail in one important point if it neglects to consciously conceive of this city as center, one that should provide adequately for...the many fine and varied expressions of art in the city itself. For art is not only the flowering of civilization, it is also its seed." 

- John Nolen in Madison: A Model City, 1911

Madison's Public Art Program works with the community to support the work of artists in City-Building: the planning, design, and construction of capital projects. Through the Public Art Program, Madison Arts Commission (MAC) facilitates and supports the work of artists to explore new ideas, foster dialog and celebrate civic life. Citizens, civic events and values are remembered and acknowledged in our public art sites. MAC is committed to strengthen the integration of public art in Madison's on-going city-building and attends to both the long term stewardship of historic works as well as commissioning sustainably designed new works.

BLINK Installation
BLINK Art Installation along the Yahara River - Figures Sighting Animals by John Miller (May 15-June 15, 2014)
Last Updated: 05/18/2022