Path Enhancements


 Path Enhancements

In November, 2013, the Committee asked the Consultant Team to develop path enhancement concepts that retain the lakeshore in its existing location and would be implemented in the long-term. The concepts developed include the following elements:

Long-Term Recommendations: Consultant Concepts

  • Separated facilities for bikes and pedestrians
  • 12' wide bikeway with 6' lanes (each direction)
  • 6' wide pedestrian path
  • Evaluates opportunities to engage the lakeshore with pedestrian path (creates greenspace)
  • Enhances signage for wayfinding, leading to good behavior
  • Long-term enhancements to work with potential bridge /gateway intersection concepts

Floating Fishing Pier

The Committee accepted the further development of a floating fishing pier concept near the center of the Monona Terrace retaining wall to better accommodate fishermen who currently gather on the path.

Short-Term Improvements: 2014 City-Planned Improvements

The City of Madison has planned path enhancements for 2014 that will serve as short-term improvements. These planned improvements incorporate the following elements:

  • Separate facilities for bikes and pedestrians between Broom Street and Monona Terrace
  • 10' wide bikeway with 5' lanes (each direction)
  • 6' wide pedestrian path
  • 1' wide textured separator between bike and pedestrian paths
  • Path to follow existing alignment
  • Avoids tree impact

Path Enhancements #1


Path Enhancements 1



Path Enhancements #2

Path Enhancements 2

Path Enhancements #3

Path Enhancements 3



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