The City is transitioning from Pandemic to Endemic. Endemic means that the disease is still around, but it's at level that is not causing significant disruption in our daily lives. 

Latest Updates

Ongoing Prevention

It is important to acknowledge that COVID remains a serious public health matter, although we are shifting from an acute emergency phase to a long-term management phase. Long-term management requires we take significant precautions from spreading disease, whether that is COVID related, Influenza, RSV, or other respiratory and communicable diseases. This requires careful attention to the following guidelines and best practices:

  • Practice good respiratory etiquette and hand hygiene.
  • Ill staff are encouraged to remain at home.
  • Get vaccinations and boosters. Vaccinations and boosters are the most effective protection against COVID and other communicable disease.
  • Get tested if you are sick or exposed.
  • If you test positive, isolate and notify anyone you have come into close contact with of the positive test and the need to monitor for symptoms.
  • Mask to provide another layer of protection (especially if sneezing/coughing) and use proper hand sanitizing. The CDC has recommendations for when to mask based on our community’s status. Please see those recommendations here.
  • If you test positive, inform Public Health here for tracking purposes.
  • For a full list of precautions, please refer to the public health recommendations and guidance.

Working from Home

Telework Toolkit

View the Human Resources Telework Guide on how to effectively work from home.

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Please email or call the HelpDesk for assistance and we will do our best to assess your issues remotely. If remote assistance is not an option, we will setup an appointment time to help you onsite.

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