Guidance updated June 17, 2022.

2022 Emergency Paid Leave (EPL)

To assist all City employees with adequate leave balances in the case of COVID-19-related illness, all City employees, including hourly employees, will receive 40 hours of Emergency Paid Leave (EPL) for immediate use. EPL balances will appear on 1/21/22 paychecks, but will be available for use during the current pay period.

EPL is intended to support employees through the COVID-19 outbreak. EPL may only be used for the following purposes:

  • An employee or an immediate family member has a COVID‐19 diagnosis; has symptoms and is seeking a diagnosis; or is in quarantine or isolation due to COVID‐19.
  • An employee or their immediate family member(s) needs to obtain a COVID‐19 vaccination, including boosters, and to recover from the effects of a COVID vaccine.
  • An employee needs to care for their child or another individual who cannot care for themselves due to the closure of their school, childcare facility, or another care program due to COVID‐ 19.
  • Either a positive at home test or a positive PCR test is needed to access EPL.

Additional Considerations.

  1. Managers and Supervisors must have documentation of the needed reason for leave. Employees must provide documentation of the necessary reason(s) for the leave. Employees who cannot provide documentation must use another leave code – including leave without pay. Such documentation might include proof of positive test results, vaccination or booster shots, daycare/school emails regarding covid-related closures, etc.
  2. The availability of this leave time will conclude on December 10, 2022. Any unused leave will be lost.
  3. If any other federal or state law requiring COVID‐19 related paid leave is enacted, the 2022 Emergency COVID‐19 Leave, and any uses of such leave shall be applied as part of the federal or state-mandated paid leave. The 2022 Emergency COVID‐19 Leave shall not be supplementary to any such federal or state paid leave.