Metro Transit is committed to the implementation and continuous improvement of an effective safety management system (SMS) aligned with applicable transit standards. The primary objectives of the Metro Transit SMS are to:

  • Promote early identification of safety hazards and risks
  • Take proactive steps to reduce identified safety hazards and risks
  • Promote and enhance our safety culture to support the SMS
  • Establish and continuously maintain an acceptable level of safety throughout Metro Transit

Read Metro's Safety Brochure

Metro Transit will promote safety as a critical component of the SMS and safety culture development.

Positive safety culture must be generated from the top down. The actions, attitudes, and decisions at the executive level must demonstrate a genuine commitment to safety.

Safety must be recognized as the responsibility of each employee with the ultimate responsibility resting with the General Manager and governing board of Metro Transit.

This policy will be promoted agency wide utilizing promotional events such as the annual safety banquet, mailings, postings, display boards, internal mail, and email.

Metro Transit will provide the necessary resources to implement, control, and oversee the SMS.

Metro Transit will implement safety risk reduction practices into management decisions modeled throughout the entire agency.

Metro Transit is committed to safety as a top priority in transit operations. To achieve this, Metro Transit encourages reporting of incidents and occurrences that may compromise the safe conduct of operations. 

Report Safety Concerns

Every employee and contract service provider is responsible for the communication of information that may affect the integrity of transit safety.
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