A Lightning Talk is a short and very simple presentation that lasts 5 minutes, accompanied by 5 slides with photographs or simple graphics that explain the steps in the continuous improvement process.

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Monthly Financial Automation

Anne Slezak (Community Development Authority)

financials, accounting, monthly reconciliation

PARCS Equipment Work Orders

Calla Little (Parking Utility)

work orders, equipment management, inventory management

Department Accountability & Sustainability

Dave Barbian (Police Records Department

intradepartmental communications, productivity, remote management

Work Order Process

Dwaine Rundle (Monona Terrace)

work orders, paperless

Cityworks Work Order Implementation

Jack Brody (Engineering)

work orders, reporting, remote project management, analog to digital

Engineering Project Feed Forward

Jim Wolfe (Engineering)

change orders, feedback, project closure, remote project management

Remote Plan Routing

John Sapp (Engineering)

standardization, workflow, work instructions, remote project management

Work Order Planning and Tracking

Jon Landsverk (Parks)

work orders, paperless

Stump Removal and Productivity

Jon Sutherland (Streets Division)

safety, risk management, standard operating procedures, training, external partnerships

Monthly Budget to Actual Report

Kathy Schwenn (Water Utility)

financials, accounting, budget process, basic management skills

Marketing Process Improvement

Kristen Durst (Monona Terrace)

marketing process, digital marketing, targeted marketing, remote project management

Burial Mount Maintenance Plan

Kristin Mathews (Parks)

maintenance plan, cataloging, standard operating procedures, forms management, external partnerships, education plan

Improving Communication

Mark Vander Waal (Fleet Service)

remote communication with teams, paperless, work orders, work area optimization

Utility Location Information Tracking

Mat Scamardo (Streets Division)

inventory management, safety, sustainability, data collection, agency alignment

Large Item Collection

Rachel Kelly (Streets Division)

sustainability, revenue, staff roles and responsibilities, tracking, education plan

Meter Testing Data Process Improvement

Rick Marx (Water Utility)

data accuracy, paperless, analog to digital, sustainability

CCA 2.0 Childcare Intake, Application Process, and Service

Rommel Tijerino (Community Development Division)

consolidating forms, data management, inclusive processes, intake process, customer feedback

Red Flag Hiring Process

Tracy Lomax (Department of Civil Rights)

standard operation procedures, NEOGOV, affirmative action, communications,


Interested in learning more about a process improvement? Contact OrganizationalDevelopment@cityofmadison.com and we’ll connect you with the Lightning Talk presenter or specialist in that area.