A Lightning Talk is a short and very simple presentation that lasts 5 minutes, accompanied by 5 slides with photographs or simple graphics that explain the steps in the continuous improvement process.
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Topic Presented by Tags
Building Inspection and Repair Brian Jensen (Madison Public Library) work orders, feedback, staff roles and responsibilities, standard operating procedures
Streamlining Free Tax Assistance at Madison Public Libraries Carra Davies (Madison Public Library) staff roles and responsibilities, communications, workflow, external partnerships, standardization
Easement Approvals Jenny Frese (Office of Real Estate Services) work orders, communications, productivity, interdepartmental communications
Ensuring Equity and Inclusion in Harm Reduction Services at PHMDC Jill Denson (Public Health Madison & Dane County) data management, feedback, communications, data accuracy, sustainability, standard operating procedures
Aligning the Stars JoseMaria Donoso (Building Inspection) feedback, interdepartmental communications, data accuracy, standardization, training
Quality Control for Data Entry Megan Lukens (Assessor's Office) data accuracy, data management, communications, standardization, workflow, staff roles and responsibilities
Snow Removal Route Improvement Spencer Werner (Parks) staff roles and responsibilities, standard operating procedures, workflow, work instructions, feedback, communications
CDA Triangle Maintenance Processes Stephanie McCarty (Housing Authority) work orders, communications, productivity, data management
Contract Administration and Monitoring Guide Yolanda Shelton-Morris (Community Development) interdepartmental communications, impact, standard operating procedures, contract administration, data management, feedback

Interested in learning more about a process improvement? Contact OrganizationalDevelopment@cityofmadison.com and we’ll connect you with the Lightning Talk presenter or specialist in that area.