A Lightning Talk is a short and very simple presentation that lasts 5 minutes, accompanied by 5 slides with photographs or simple graphics that explain the steps in the continuous improvement process.
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Topic Presented by Tags
Presenter Contracts Amy Deming (HR - Organizational Development) standard operating procedures, communications, productivity
Providing Storm Water Needs for Development Caroline Burger (Engineering) data accuracy, standardization, analog to digital, productivity
Improving Access and Usage of Census Data Dan McAuliffe (Planning) interdepartmental communication, data accuracy, standardization, feedback
Tax Increment District (TID) Creation and Amendment Process Dan Rolfs (Office of Real Estate Services) data accuracy, standard operating procedures
Large Item Pick-Up Routing Process Derek Kelley (Streets & Recycling) sustainability, staff roles and responsibilities, tracking, data accuracy, communications
Board of Public Works Assessment Mailing Johanna Johnson (Engineering) analog to digital, sustainability, staff roles and responsibilities, feedback, productivity
Compliance Reporting Optimization Juan Pablo Torres Meza (Civil Rights) analog to digital, sustainability, productivity, paperless, standard operating procedures, forms management
Yard Waste Metal Improvement Project Philip Roh (Streets & Recycling) productivity, sustainability, maintenance plan, standard operating procedures
Improving Mediation Outcomes by Increasing Attendance Rebecca Below (Civil Rights) standard operating procedures, productivity, communications, mediation, data management
Hydro-Seeder - The Process of Grass Growing Ron Grieshammer (Streets & Recycling) sustainability, tracking, data accuracy, maintenance plan, standard operating procedures
Metro Transit Review of City Permits Impacting Bus Routes & Stops Timothy Sobota (Metro Transit) interdepartmental communication, data accuracy, standardization, sustainability
Mandatory Reporter and APM 3-5 Training Tracking Wade Hunt (Water Utility) communications, interdepartmental communication, standard operating procedures, tracking 
An Approach to Grant and Funding Resource Management Through Collaboration Zach Watson (Parks)  financials, budget process, grants and funding

Interested in learning more about a process improvement? Contact OrganizationalDevelopment@cityofmadison.com and we’ll connect you with the Lightning Talk presenter or specialist in that area.