The #TeamCity employee recognition program was launched January 2020 to recognize the work of different City employees and give them recognition both internally and publicly, unless requested anonymity. City employees may submit nominations on a rolling basis for any City employee from the organization. Employee recognition is awarded using a competitive process to celebrate outstanding performance beyond the call of duty. Selected winners will be recognized at a ceremony hosted by Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway and senior staff. Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway and senior staff select the winners.

This program was developed in response to the 2018 Employee Voice Survey. Through the results of the survey, City staff shared they are satisfied with their jobs and plan to stay, they want better opportunities for employee development and performance evaluation and better communication between leadership and employees.

  • Criteria for selection

    • Permanent City staff are eligible (this excludes: seasonal and poll-workers).
    • An employee eligible for this award should work in a way that reflects commitment to the City Mission Statement “to provide the highest quality service for the common good of our residents and visitors,” and City values: equity, civic engagement, well-being, shared prosperity and stewardship
    • An employee eligible for this award should work in a way that reflects service above and beyond City structure surrounding the following initiatives: Racial Equity and Social Justice (RESJ), Results Madison: Comprehensive Plan, Seven Elements and Performance Excellence and Renewable Madison Plan, among others.
  • Award Categories
    • Public Works and Land Use
    • Public Health and Safety
    • Administration
    • Community Service and Support
    • Mayor’s Choice Award

Nominate a colleague today with the #TeamCity employee nomination form  or #TeamCity team nomination form.

Please submit the #TeamCity nomination form  to  or mail the form through inter-departmental mail to David Coy at Fleet, 4151 Nakoosa Trail.


In November 2018, City employees were invited to complete the Employee Voice Survey (EVS), collected and analyzed by the National Research Center (NRC). The survey was intended to serve as a baseline measure of the City of Madison for celebrating the work done by the employees of the City of Madison, and improving ways in which the City does its work. The survey results showed the City should improve on the following: communication, employee development and employee recognition.

Since the results of the survey, the City organized an Employee Voice Survey Response Team, which is split into three sub-committees: communication, employee development and employee recognition. Employee development and recognition will each develop a tool focusing on each respective area. Employee development will put together a check-in tool for supervisors to use when evaluating employee progress and growth. Employee recognition will put together a new employee recognition program. The communication sub-committee develops a communication plan that lays out a clear direction and strategy to communicate about these two tools and how to communicate about it logistically with City employees clearly. The communication team also will address communication as a whole for the City.