Onboarding is a process used to help new employees connect and contribute to their new workplace. It begins before the employee joins the City and continues until they are able to work independently in their role.


Printable Checklists

These checklists are a general outline of what new employees need to succeed. You are welcome to customize them to include specialized trainings, equipment and requirements for your department or work unit.


The Goals of Onboarding

  • Make them feel welcome in the agency
  • Help them understand the new role and expectations
  • Create connections across the department, city, and industry, to help them grow in the new role
  • Guide them in exploring technical and people skills needed
  • Co-inform a plan for learning and development


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Onboarding Timeline 

It begins before the employee joins the City and continues until they are able to work independently in their role

Before the Start Date

For supervisors, onboarding begins well before the start date.  Here is your opportunity to intentionally craft a welcoming work environment, to prepare your team, and ensure that equipment is ready and tested before the new employee’s first day.  Great planning here ensures that you are confident and prepared, which means that you can focus fully on your new team member.

Key steps:


The Employee’s First Day

The big day is here!  Now is the time to focus on the new employee and make them feel welcome.  While part of the day will be spent in City of Madison Orientation, the remainder is a time to begin connecting with the people, the position, and performance expectations.

You will use the Onboarding Checklist and completed New Employee Onboarding Schedule throughout the first day.

The Employee’s First Week

To ensure that the new employee leaves the week on a high note, it’s important to start looking to the future, especially how they are going to continue building knowledge of internal processes and performance expectations.  Establishing a schedule and getting clear on feedback systems will allow your new team member to start settling into the new work environment.

View the Onboarding Checklist for first week activities.

First Month

By the end of the first month, everyone will likely be getting into a groove.  The goal is for the employee to expand existing knowledge of processes and to become cognizant of their performance relative to the position and expectations.  As that development continues, they should begin to see their role in the context of the larger team, the agency, and the City of Madison’s mission, vision, values, and service promise.

View the Onboarding Checklist for first month activities.

First 3-6 Months

By the three to six month mark, the new employee should become independent in new role.  They should be applying skills and knowledge, making sound decisions, contributing to department goals, understanding how their assignments affect others in the organization, developing effective working relationships, and seeing how their work supports the City of Madison’s vision.  

View the Onboarding Checklist for activities to complete within 3-6 months.

Don't forget to schedule your formal Employee Onboarding Check-in meetings and submit the onboarding reports to Human Resources. These are usually due at the three month and six month points, depending on the position and department. Contact Human Resources if you aren't sure when onboarding reports are due for a new employee.


Need assistance with your new employee onboarding? 

Contact Human Resources at HR@cityofmadison.com or speak with your HR Business Analyst for assistance.

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