The City of Madison is committed to protecting the safety, health, and well-being of all employees. Supervisors are responsible for maintaining an alcohol and drug free workplace.

Read the City’s Drug Free Workplace and Testing Policy, APM 2-23.

Requirements for Employees

All employees must follow the City’s drug free workplace and testing requirements. Employees whose jobs require a CDL have additional requirements.


All employees may be required to do a drug or alcohol test in certain situations:

Employees whose jobs require a CDL are also required to do the following tests:

Supervisor Resources

Supervisors should review all of the information on these webpages, including APM 2-23, Drug free workplace requirements, and types of drug testing.

Printable Handouts
Course: Managing the Drug Testing Process

This course provides an overview of the policy and process for drug and alcohol testing at the City of Madison, with a special focus on the Supervisor's role in that process. All supervisors of CDL holders are required to take this course, but it is beneficial to all supervisors at the City of Madison.

Register for Managing the Drug Testing Proces Course


Test results and other information relating to this policy are confidential. Any medical information employees give their supervisors, including medications and prescriptions, is also confidential. Supervisors should follow record retention schedules and policies. They are also responsible for keeping confidential records secure.

Referral, Evaluation and Treatment

The Employee Assistance Program is available to provide information, referral and confidential support to employees struggling with substance use or misuse. Through their external partners, assistance is available 24/7.

The City’s preferred response to alcohol or drug misuse is referral and treatment. Employees who have a positive drug or controlled substance test or a Blood Alcohol Test (BAC) of 0.04 or greater may be referred to a Substance Abuse Professional (SAP). That professional will determine what assistance, if any, the employee needs in resolving problems associated with alcohol or drug misuse. This assistance is usually available through an employee’s health care provider. A list of SAPs will be provided in training or posted in work sites, or both. Employees who do not know what is available through their health care plan or who don’t have a health care plan can contact the Employee Assistance Program.

Consequences and Discipline

Any employee who refuses required testing will be treated as though they tested positive for drugs or alcohol or both. Employees who have a positive test will not be allowed to return to work until they have been evaluated by a Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) and successfully passed a Return to Duty Test.

Just cause for discipline (up to and including discharge) is established if an employee:

  • Violates work rules including the City’s Drug Free Workplace and Testing Requirements
  • Refuses testing, or is uncooperative in a way that prevents completion of the test
    For example, refusing to complete and sign the Breath Alcohol Testing Form or to provide enough breath is considered refusal to test.
  • Does not comply with a required evaluation by a SAP
  • Does not comply and remain in compliance with their prescribed or recommended rehabilitation or treatment program.