The City of Madison offers a generous leave package. Each handbook and collective bargaining agreement includes information about vacation, paid holidays, sick leave, and other kinds of leave (death in the family, jury duty, etc.).

Family and Medical Leave Information for Supervisors

Employees are entitled to use family and medical leave to care for their own serious health condition, the serious health condition of a family member, and other qualifying reasons.
Read detailed information about Family and Medical Leave.

Sick Leave Administration

Supervisors should review all claims for sick leave benefits to determine if employees meet the eligibility standards.
Read detailed information about sick leave adminstration.

Paid Parental Leave (APM 2-49)

This policy provides eligible employees with paid time off to care for and bond with their newborn or newly adopted child
Read APM 2-49, Paid Parental Leave Policy.

Disability Leave and Layoff

Madison General Ordinances and certain collective bargaining agreements provide employees with unpaid disability leave and disability layoff benefits.
Read APM 2-45, Disability Leave and Layoff Policy.