Public management/labor relations in Wisconsin are governed by the provisions of the Municipal Employment Relations Act (Wisconsin Statutes 111.70). In 2011, Act 10 dramatically altered the landscape of collective bargaining in the public sector in Wisconsin. Act 10 divided public sector employees into two basic groups, transit/public safety and general municipal employees.

State legislation also requires employers to refrain from behaviors that could impede an employee from exercising their right to Union or Association membership. These prohibited practices are outlined Sec. 111.70(3)(a) of Wisconsin State Statutes.

In summary, the statutes result in the need for supervisors to refrain from any involvement in the internal operation of any of the labor organizations associated with the City of Madison.

Prohibited interactions between supervisors and employees

Supervisors and managers must not:

  • Question employees about union business or their feelings about unions or associations
  • Tell employees they would be better off without union representation
  • Blame the union for any adverse employment action
  • Express resentment toward employees for filing grievances
  • Link an employee’s performance, disciplinary action, or job security to an employee’s support for a union, being active in a union, speaking up about contractual rights, requesting union representation, or filing grievances