City of Madison

City of Madison Engineering | Photo Credit: Archie Nicolette


The City’s contract with Service Line Warranties of America (SLWA) ended in Spring 2019. While the partnership no longer exists, this change will not impact coverage or service for the nearly 12,000 subscribers (as of Spring 2019) in the Madison area. New customers may enroll starting in May 2019. Contact SLWA at 1-866-922-9006 or visit with any questions about current or new service with SLWA.

Utility Service Partners, Inc. (USP)/Service Line Warranties of America (SLWA) is a private company that provides optional sewer service line warranties to homeowners for the portion of their sewer line that is the responsibility of the homeowner.   

All homeowners are responsible for maintenance and repair of the private sanitary sewer lateral or pipe under an owner's home. If an owner is not sure what kind of pipe is under the home, call the Engineering Division at 608-266-4430. Engineering has records of all public sewer mains.