City of Madison

City of Madison Engineering | Photo Credit: Archie Nicolette


The City of Madison plans to resurface approximately 10 miles of pavement in 2009. Resurfacing typically includes placing a new layer of asphalt over the existing pavement. Pavement in very poor condition will be pulverized prior to a new surface being placed.

Image: EWAve ProjectThe Streets Project
Streets provides for the review of streets and bridges, the design of streets and bridges, and the review of design work by consultants. Citizen involvement in projects undertaken is a high priority as is quality design of Streets. Maintaining the safety of the City's bridges through biannual inspections, routine maintenance and scheduled rehabilitation and replacement is part of this program. This program involves local streets, collector streets and arterial streets. Other services provided include review of Plats and Certified Survey Maps, conditional use applications, and planned unit developments to insure that they are compatible with future transportation needs. The City now maintains approximately 760 miles of streets and 57 bridges greater than 20 feet in length.