Last Updated: 02/10/2017

N Lake Street Resurfacing Assessment District - 2016

Lake Street (Dayton – University):  The road is open.

Schedule: Start June 6 completion in mid-August
Limits: W. Dayton St. to University Ave.
Project Description:  The work on Lake St. involves replacement of the sanitary sewer and the water main along with installation of new pedestrian scale lighting.  The asphalt pavement on Lake St. will be resurfaced and the curb and sidewalk will be replaced as needed.
Lake St. will be closed between W. Dayton St. and W. Johnson St., and there will be one travel open in the northbound direction between W. Johnson St. and University Ave.  Access will be provided to the UW parking garage as well as the University Square parking garage and loading dock.  The work on the sanitary sewer will also cross W. Johnson St., so, at times, there will be up to two travel lanes closed on W. Johnson St.