Last Updated: 03/14/2018

Project Description

The Sauk Creek Greenway located between Tree Lane and Old Sauk Road is badly eroding and needs to be stabilized. There are many trees adjacent to the channel that have fallen across the channel and cannot be removed that are causing further erosion. The Wexford pond, behind High Point Church, has been filling with sediment from the channel at a faster rate than the rest of the stormwater ponds within the City. Instead of continuing to dredge the pond, the City is stabilizing the greenway system.

The channel will be stabilized with rock riprap and native vegetation. The slopes will also be softened to a 4:1 to promote stability. In order to be able to remove debris that clogs the channel, the City will plan to create a 10’ maintenance access path alongside the channel. The City is beginning the design process right now. Please see the slides from the Public Input Meeting for more detail.

The 2015 adopted Bicycle Transportation Plan for the Madison Metropolitan Area and Dance County proposed a bike path through the greenway system to allow to provide North/South and East/West connections along the greenway. Therefore, the City has begun to assess community need. As the channel analysis progresses, the City will begin to look at the bike path need from a transportation perspective, as well as how the bike path would fit within the greenway design.

The City Parks Division also proposed a the option of adding off road trails for mountain biking, snow shoeing, and skiing. The Parks Division is taking a comprehensive view of the City to find locations where such trails could be beneficial for the community.

Public Information Meeting
The first Public Information Meeting was held on Tuesday, March 13th. The presentation from this meeting can be found here: Presentation