Last Updated: 06/21/2023

Latest Update

10/6/2022 Update:
The Contractor will be installing pavement markings throughout the project area the week of October 10th. Due to the installation of the high-visibility green markings at the Capital City Trail crossings, Jackson St and Ohio Ave (between Atwood Ave and St Paul Ave) will be closed to vehicle traffic for 1-2 days. The Capital City Trail will remain open throughout, but Path users shall use caution when crossing at these locations. The Contractor will post ‘No Parking’ signage as needed to install pavement markings.
St. Paul Ohio Talmadge Jackson Lafollette Fact Sheet

Project Overview

The proposed reconstruction of St. Paul Ave, Ohio Ave, Talmadge St, Jackson St, and Lafollette Ave includes replacement of the sanitary sewer main & laterals, storm sewer, curb & gutter, asphalt pavement, gravel road base, driveway aprons, and sidewalk as needed.

Final Plan

Project Limits

Project limits for St. Paul Avneue, Ohio Avenue, Talmadge Street, Jackson STreet, Lafollette Avenue project
The City is currently proposing the following:

  • Reconstruct Jackson St (between Atwood & St Paul) to a 14-ft wide street with one-way, southbound-only traffic and maintain no-parking on either side over this block. This would eliminate the ability for eastbound-traffic on Atwood to turn left onto Jackson St, a turning movement that has shown to be unsafe due to its proximity to the signalized Dunning St intersection and nearby Capital City Trail path crossing. To accommodate northbound bicycle traffic, the City is proposing a widened, 8-ft concrete sidewalk (for bikes and pedestrians) on the easterly-side of Jackson St over this block.
  • Reconstruct Ohio Ave (between Atwood & St. Paul) to a 20-ft wide street with one-way, northbound-only traffic and parking only on the easterly-side of the block, eliminating parking on the westerly-side (in front of the Ohio Tavern) and providing additional concrete terrace space (~9.5-ft) in front of the Ohio Tavern for permanent outdoor dining. To accommodate southbound bicycle traffic over this block, the City is proposing a widened, 8-ft concrete sidewalk (for bikes and pedestrians) on the easterly-side, as well as additional bike parking on the easterly-side terrace to serve the adjacent Atwood businesses. One parking stall on the easterly-side of this block (between the driveway and path crossing) will be removed in order to accommodate the widened sidewalk on this side. 
  • Reconstruct St. Paul Ave (from western-end to southern-leg of Corry St) to a 25-ft wide street, bringing the south(garden)-side curb in 1 to 3-ft to provide traffic calming and minimize construction impacts to the community garden. Speed humps will also be proposed on St Paul to provide traffic calming and minimize its use as a cut-through between Atwood and Milwaukee. In addition, the 3-way intersection at St Paul, Bashford & Talmadge will be reconstructed to better align the street geometry to slow traffic through the intersection and reduce pavement area. And lastly, two parking stalls on the northerly-side of the street (one at Jackson St and at Ohio Ave) will be removed to accommodate turning movements to and from the narrowed blocks of Jackson and Ohio. 
  • Construct raised, table-top crossings for the Capital City Trail at Jackson St and Ohio Ave, including street narrowing to shorten the crossings and a level table-top design that will minimize grade changes for path users while also accommodating the necessary drainage patterns. The table-top crossings will be constructed as concrete to allow for precise construction and the installation of detectable warning fields to maintain ADA-compliance. The crossings will also be painted with high-visibility green paint to reinforce path users right-of-way, and both crossings will include stop signs for the crossing car traffic. In addition, path lighting will be installed at both path crossing at Jackson and Ohio.
  • A new BCycle bike-share station will be installed adjacent to the Capital City Trail at Ohio Ave and a new Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon (RRFB) will be installed for the Atwood crossing at Ohio Ave.

Project Schedule

Bid Advertisement: January 2022
Construction: Spring/Fall 2022

Public Involvement

There are a number of points of contact during this project where the public is encouraged to give feedback as part of public information meetings and public hearings. Dates, times and locations are indicated below:

Public Information Meetings


The survey is now closed. Thank you everyone for sharing your input with us.

City Meetings, Process

Transportation Commission: 12/08/2021

Board of Public Works: 12/15/2021

Common Council: 01/04/2022