Last Updated: 11/07/2016

UPDATE - A Public Meeting for Sunset Courts Reconstruction was held on 10/19 at the Board of Public Works. The project has since been approved by the Board of Public Works and the Common Council.

2017 Sunset Courts Reconstruction

The 2017 proposed project in Sunset Village is the reconstruction of the Sunset Courts.  The limits of this project are all of North, South, East & West Sunset Courts between Hillcrest Dr. and Mineral Point Rd.
A preliminary plan of the project, including planned tree removals can be found here: Display
The reconstruction of Sunset Courts will include both street work and utility work.  The street work will include replacement of the asphalt pavement and base, installation of new curb and gutter, and replacement of driveway aprons to match the new curb.  Sections of sidewalk on the pedestrian connections will be removed and replaced as necessary.  All disturbed areas will be restored with topsoil, grass seed and erosion matting.
The utility work will include replacement of the sanitary sewer main and replacement of the sewer laterals to the property line.  The water main will also be replaced, and water services will be cut-off of the old main and reconnected to the new main.
A significant amount of storm sewer work will be done as part of this project to try to alleviate some of the flooding issues that are experienced in this area.  New storm sewer will be installed to collect some of the water that drains to the existing channel along N. Sunset Ct., and this storm sewer will connect into the existing system that was installed on Hillcrest Dr. and to the channel that drains to the west off of W. Sunset Ct.  The new storm sewer will be installed up to Mineral Point Rd. where it will be connected into with future projects in Sunset Village.
The existing drainage channel along N. Sunset Ct. will be re-graded and stabilized to improve drainage and limit side slope erosion.  The new channel will be constructed with a field stone (rock bottom), and, to retain the southerly slope of the channel, a new field stone wall will be constructed.  The existing bridge that crosses the channel through Sunset Park will remain.
With this project, any landscaping, including plantings, pavers, walls, etc., that is near the street will likely be disturbed during construction.  Any items near the street that you wish to save, please remove prior to construction.  This includes any pavers that have been installed adjacent to driveways.

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Past meetings:

A public informational meeting was held on Thursday, October 6.  The presentation can be found here: Presentation

Project Overview

5 Year Construction Plan Overview

As seen on the below map, City utility improvements and street construction is planned within the Sunset Village and Sunset Hills neighborhood for the next 5 years (beginning in 2014). The proposed projects include locations with utility replacement and relocation and street improvements including curb and gutter, evaluation of sidewalk and new storm sewer.

Street Improvements

The existing streets will be replaced with the new installation of underground City utilities. Where there is existing curb and gutter and sidewalk, the curb and sidewalk will only be replaced as needed to replace utility laterals and any defective areas. Where there is no curb and gutter, the City will be proposing installation of these improvements with public comment, review and final approval of the design at a later date.

Residents who would like to make modifications to their driveway and parking area on their property will first need to contact City zoning and submit a plan for approval (Jenny Kirchgatter, 266-4429 or   Once approved, provide a copy of the approved plan to the project engineer.  Driveway aprons and curb cuts to serve driveway changes will not be installed with the project unless a site plan is approved through City zoning.
It may be possible to make slight modifications to the driveway apron and curb cut with the project, provided that the request meets the requirements of the ordinances.  To request these changes, please fill out a Residential Driveway form (obtained from City Engineering office) and return to the project engineer.


Underground Utility Replacement

Existing sanitary sewer and water main were installed in the early 1940’s. Both of these facilities are having maintenance issues and are undersized per City standards. The City is proposing to install new mains in all areas highlighted in the 5 year construction map.

Backyard Sanitary and Water Service Relocation

In specific locations, sanitary sewer mains and water mains were installed behind homes. In these locations, private fences, outbuildings and landscaping have made it difficult for City crews to maintain the utilities. City Engineering and City Water Utility are proposing to install larger mains within the roadway right-of-way during street improvements. This work will require property owners to relocate their sanitary sewer and water main services from the back of their homes to the front of their homes. As part of this required work, the City of Madison will reimburse property owners for a portion, if not all, of the work under the City’s plumbing conversion with sewer relocation funding policy and under the Madison Water Utility service replacement reimbursement policy for water service relocation of a 50/50 cost share up to $2000 of total cost(currently under review).

Read the full plumbing conversion policy.

Note:  Reimbursement levels for both sanitary sewer and water service laterals have been raised based on 2016 construction costs for private property owners.


Assessment Policy

Street Assessments

Standard Items for streets with existing drive aprons, sidewalks and curb and gutter:

  • Driveways and sidewalk – 50/50 share between City and property owner
  • Curb and Gutter – 50/50 share between City and property owner

Streets without curb and gutter or sidewalk:

  • Driveways – 50/50 share between City and property owner
  • Street – curb and gutter and four (4) feet of pavement, 100% assessed to adjacent property owner
  • Sidewalk - 100% assessed to adjacent property owner

Sewer Assessments

Sanitary sewer reconnections and lateral replacement will be shared 75% City cost and 25% property owner cost.

Storm sewer private connections: If a property owner would like a direct connection to the existing (or proposed) storm sewer during a construction project, 100% of the cost is paid by the property owner. If a property owner would like to request a connect, please notify City Engineering staff member, Eric Dundee,, (608) 266-4913.

Assessment Estimates and Billing: Preliminary assessments will be mailed to property owners with hearing notice for the project approval at a Board of Public Works meeting. These assessments are estimates as a maximum assessment. Final billing of the assessments will be the year following construction (usually September or October). Property owners will have options of paying the assessments in whole or over an eight (8) year period at the City’s interest rate, 2016’s rate is 3.0%.

Estimated Assessments

  • Streets with new curb & gutter (estimated 60 feet of lot frontage at $55 per foot of curb and gutter and street) - $3,300.00
  • Street with existing curb & gutter (estimated replacement of 30 feet of curb and gutter at $25 per foot) - $750.00
  • Driveway apron replacement - $800.00
  • Sanitary assessments (includes connect to new sanitary sewer main and service lateral to right-of-way line) – $1,300.00

Assessment Loan Requirements

Neighborhood Plan