City of Madison

City of Madison Engineering | Photo Credit: Archie Nicolette


In 2010, seven stormwater treatment structures were installed in the downtown area, mostly near the Capitol Square. The devices are designed to treat stormwater that flows through them by removing large sediment particles and trash. These seven structures are in addition to the 16 similar structures already installed throughout the city.

The specific type of structure installed with each project is dependent on the parameters of each site. The structures are installed underground, usually in the street, with an access point to allow for cleaning the structure. The amount of debris handled by each device determines how often it is cleaned, though each is cleaned at least once per year.

The amount of stormwater flow and the available space play a large role in determining what structure is used at a particular site. The pictures below are of a structure that was installed earlier this year that is able to handle larger (30 cfs) flows than other similar devices.

Reimer Screen Treatment Structure -1   Reimer Screen Treatment Structure -2

Reimer Screen Treatment Structure