City of Madison

City of Madison Engineering | Photo Credit: Archie Nicolette


The Committee on the Environment and City Engineering staff formed a subcommittee in 2005 to create a water quality plan aimed at improving our lakes. The first plan was completed in spring 2006.

The plan incorporated water quality improvement projects the City was working on or had recently completed. Also included were goals for water quality, requirements from NR-151 standards, information and education efforts, possible future directions for the city, a budget and timeline, lists of other ongoing lake management and maintenance, and finally a map of the area watersheds. In subsequent years, through 2008, updates to the report reflected new water quality improvement projects.

This website will be taking the place of any subsequent "Clean Lakes Reports", functioning more as a clearinghous for current lake-related projects, enabling us to provide more information and make more frequent updates to individual components.

Since the last Clean Lakes Report, the City of Madison has been involved with other improvement efforts such as the Yahara Lakes Legacy Partnerhip. The City's involvement with the Partnership includes making recommendations for specifically improving the quality of our beaches as well as urban stormwater runoff. The complete list of recommendations is available in a report on the Partnership's website.

Another major recent undertaking has been the establishment of INFOS (Interactive Nowcast and Forecast Operation System), a web-based platform for conveying real-time and forecasted (modeled) data related to the Yahara Lakes.

The City of Madison also continues to work on meeting the state requirements of NR 151, which includes reducing our sediment and nutrient loading, with many different project funded with the stormwater utility. These projects and pertinent stormwater regulations are outlined in the September 2010 Stormwater Utility Report.