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Lake Wingra Watershed Plan

Wingra Watershed

The 3,500-acre Lake Wingra Watershed falls within the boundaries of the City of Madison, City of Fitchburg, and the Town of Madison. The University of Wisconsin Arboretum occupies approximately 1,000 acres of the wateshed.

The Friends of Lake Wingra authored the 2009 document Lake Wingra: A Vision for the Future, in which four goals are outlined:

  1. Clean, clear water
  2. Restored spring flow
  3. Abundant native plants and animals
  4. Stewardship and enjoyment

City Engineering has hired a consultant to help create a detailed watershed plan to address most of these goals. The scope of this contract includes addressing pollutant loading (phosphorus and sediment), chloride reduction (impacts from road salt), and infiltration. A pilot project addressing one of these critical issues will also be a part of the plan.

An independent expert in the area of environmental social marketing as well as members of the Friends of Lake Wingra, City staff, UW Arboretum staff, and other stakeholders will contribute to the creation of the plan through a steering team that will meet once every 1.5 months. In addition, specialized teams will convene around the issues of chloride, pollutant loading, infiltration, and pilot project recommendations.

The UW is conducting a concurrent study of the impacts of in-lake processes (wind/waves and carp) and how they compare to pollutant loading. An issue team will meet to discuss the findings of this study as well, and whether the results would impact recommendations in the final plan.

Once minutes from meetings have been approved by the steering team, they will be posted here.

A final draft of the Lake Wingra Watershed Management Plan follows below:

Front Cover, Forward and Table of Contents

Section 1 - Introduction

Section 2 - Chlorides

Section 3 - Infiltration

Section 4 - Phosphorus

Section 5 - Engagement and Implementation

Section 6 - Conclusions and Recommendations

Section 7 - Appendices and Back Cover