Type of Property Tax

Please select the type of property tax you would like to pay.

  • Real Property Tax

    Real property is property that includes land and buildings.

    Pay Real Property Tax

  • Personal Property Tax (Business equipment and furnishings)

    Personal property is property owned by a business which is not affixed to or associated with the land. Personal property for a business would include equipment, office furniture and equipment, cars/trucks purchased and used by the business, and, basically, everything that isn’t “nailed down.”

    Pay Personal Property Tax

Payment Methods & Fees

Credit Cards

There is a convenience fee on all property tax credit card transactions. The convenience fee is 2.45% of the amount of the property tax payment. The City of Madison is required to collect and remit 100% of the property tax billed amounts to the taxing jurisdictions. Therefore, the fee will be charged to you.

Debit Cards

Payments made with debit cards have a convenience fee of $3.95. Since use of a debit card requires that funds are available in your bank account, consider eCheck described below.

Note: Cards you may think of as debit cards may be identified by your bank as credit cards for this type of transaction. If the fee listed just prior to your finalizing the transaction is equal to 2.45%, your card will be charged that fee. Fees cannot be refunded.

Checking or Savings Account (eCheck)

There is no fee for this method. You will enter your checking or savings account information. The amount you designate is then deducted from your bank account. Make sure you indicate whether you want the payment to be deducted from a checking account or a savings account.