• Meet Firefighter Davy Calkins Posted 04/25/2017

    Eighteen new firefighters now serve at a fire station near you! Check back daily and get to know them. Where are you stationed? I'm at Station 13 (Metro Place) on the B shift. Read more »
  • Meet Firefighter Ryan Beckwith Posted 04/24/2017

    Eighteen new firefighters now serve at a fire station near you! Check back daily and get to know them. What is your current station assignment? I'm at Station 7 (McKenna Blvd.) on the A shift. Read more »
  • MFD Introduces 18 New Firefighters! Posted 04/24/2017

    Eighteen new firefighters recently joined the ranks at the MFD and are now serving at a fire station near you! Class 5 began their recruit academy on October 3, 2016, and graduated on January 13, 2017. The Fire Academy is a highly-intensive 15-week training period where recruits become firefighter-certified to the highest level in the State of Wisconsin. During their time in the Academy, recruits also participated in EMT training, Hazardous Materials Operations training, rope rescue deployment, vehicle extrication training, elevator entrapment, and prevention training. Read more »
  • A Greener Firehouse: How Fire Station 12 LEEDs the Way Posted 04/20/2017

    Students studying Sustainable and Renewable Energy Systems at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville recently visited Fire Station 12 on Madison's far west side, the Madison Fire Department's only LEED Platinum-certified facility. The fire station, which opened in 2009, features “green” construction elements that promote sustainability and water and energy conservation. Read more »
  • Meet AE Brad Vogen Posted 04/09/2017

    Where are you stationed? I'm at Station 4 (Monroe St.) on the C shift Where were you previously? For the last three years I was a firefighter/paramedic at Station 8 on the A shift. How long have you served with the MFD? I’m in my 6th year on the MFD. Read more »
  • Meet AE Vince Soto Posted 04/08/2017

    What are you stationed? Engine 3 (Williamson St.) on the C shift Where were you previously? I was a firefighter/paramedic on Medic 6 (W. Badger Rd) on the C shift. How long have you served with the MFD? 8½ years Read more »
  • Meet AE Chad Powell Posted 04/07/2017

    Where are you stationed? I’m currently assigned to Station 12 (South Point Rd.) on the C Shift. Where were you previously? I was previously assigned to Station 3 on the A Shift as a firefighter/paramedic. Read more »
  • Meet AE Daniel Pazurek Posted 04/06/2017

    Where are you stationed? I'm at Station 7 (McKenna Blvd.) on the B shift. Where were you previously? I was a firefighter at Station 7 on the C shift. How long have you been with the MFD? I've been with the department for 7½ years. Read more »
  • Meet AE Todd Mahoney Posted 04/05/2017

    Where are you stationed? My new station is Fire Station 9 (Midvale Blvd. and Regent St.) on the A shift. Where were you previously? I was previously a firefighter/paramedic at Fire Station 8 (Lien Rd.) on the C shift. How long have you been with the MFD? I've been on the MFD for 7 years. Read more »
  • Meet Apparatus Engineer Cole Christenson Posted 04/04/2017

    Where are you stationed? I'm at Station 6 (W. Badger Rd.) on the B shift.  How long have you been with the MFD? I was hired on September 22, 2008.  Where have you served previously? Read more »
  • Meet AE Derek Brown Posted 04/03/2017

    Where are you stationed? I'm at Fire Station 7 (McKenna Blvd.) on the C shift. Where were you previously? I was previously a firefighter assigned to Fire Station 7 on the B shift. How long have you been with the MFD? My date of hire was October 19, 2009. Read more »
  • New Apparatus Engineers Now Serving In Your Neighborhood! Posted 04/03/2017

    A wave of recent retirements and promotions has ushered in a new group of Apparatus Engineers now serving at a fire station near you! Apparatus Engineers are responsible for the maintenance checks and operations of the engines and ladder trucks. With a vantage point from the driver's seat, they ensure our firefighter/EMTs arrive quickly and safely at your doorstep should you need fire or emergency medical services.  Read more »
  • MFD Behind The Scenes: Grain Bin Rescue Training Posted 03/23/2017

    Urban and rural settings in and around Madison have the potential to present a variety of unexpected emergencies beyond the scope of standard Fire or EMS response. In some cases, that’s where the Madison Fire Department’s Heavy Urban Rescue Team (HURT) comes in.   Read more »
  • EMS Training Officer Beth Risler Retires From MFD Posted 03/09/2017

    In a department comprised of more than 350 commissioned members, few can say they know every name and recognize every face. Consider, then, what an achievement it is to know every name, every face, and have a direct impact on everybody’s career.   Read more »
  • Two New Fire Engines Are About To Hit The Road! Posted 03/07/2017

    Members of the Madison Fire Department were at Pierce Manufacturing in Appleton this week conducting final inspections on two new Pierce Quantum Fire Engines. Read more »
  • MFD Behind The Scenes: Lake Rescue Team Ice Dive Training Posted 03/02/2017

    The Madison Fire Department Lake Rescue Team is trained and equipped to perform water rescues, but did you know we do ice rescues, too?  To keep our skills fresh, we take to the lakes year-round for routine training. On a frigid January afternoon, the team headed out to Lake Monona for ice dives. Firefighter/Paramedic Matt Murray brought a camera with him so you can get a glimpse of what it's like to go beneath the surface– without having to brave the freezing temps!   Read more »
  • Dane County EMS Banquet Honors Survivors, Responders Involved In Cardiac Saves Posted 02/23/2017

    37 members of the Madison Fire Department were honored at the 2017 EMS Survivor Banquet sponsored by the Dane County EMS Association and Dane County EMS. The annual event recognizes citizens who survived cardiac arrest and offers them the opportunity to meet the first responders who helped save their life.   Read more »
  • On This Day In History: The First 911 Call Is Placed In 1968 Posted 02/16/2017

    49 years ago today, the first-ever 911 call took place in Haleyville, Alabama.   When Alabama Speaker of the House Rankin Fite dialed those three digits, he was connected to Congressman Tom Bevill, who was waiting for the call at the local police station. Read more »
  • PHOTOS: Getting Up Close With The Lake Rescue Team Posted 02/14/2017

    Lake Rescue Team members have been getting their annual ice dives in while Madison's lakes are nice 'n' chilly. Our B-shift Dive Team set up on Lake Mendota last Friday. Scroll through the photos to learn more about their work: The Dive Team placed its tent near the hole in the ice for divers and support personnel to keep warm in frigid temperatures. The tent has a heater that can be deployed inside to warm the interior. Read more »
  • Sable Flames "Second Alarm" Benefit Enters Its 24th Year Posted 02/10/2017

    Sable Flames, Inc., an organization comprised of black fulltime firefighters from around Dane County, is gearing up for its 24th Annual Second Alarm Benefit Dance.   The event takes place Saturday, February 25th, 6:30 p.m., at the Concourse Hotel in downtown Madison.   Read more »
  • Madison's Iranian Community Comes Together To Honor Firefighters Posted 02/08/2017

    On January 19, 2017, a fire broke out on the ninth floor of the historic Plasco Trade Center in Iran’s capital of Tehran. The blaze, considered the worst in Tehran since 2005, culminated in a building collapse that altogether claimed the lives of 16 Iranian firefighters and injured 235 people.   Read more »
  • Building Connections, Inspiring Kids: Engine 12 At Olson Elementary School Posted 02/02/2017

    An incentive program at Olson Elementary School not only encourages kids to do something good — it also connects them with their neighborhood firefighters in a fun and rewarding way! Read more »
  • Farewell To Administrative Assistant Velma Avalos Posted 01/20/2017

    Today we say goodbye and wish the best of luck to Velma Avalos. For over 13 years, Velma has served as the Administrative Assistant to the Fire Chief, starting with Chief Debra Amesqua in 2003 and wrapping up with Chief Steven Davis today. Read more »
  • MFD T-Shirts For Sale! Posted 01/18/2017

    The Madison Fire Department is now offering t-shirts for sale at its downtown Administrative headquarters!   The front of the t-shirt displays the City of Madison Fire Department logo and a pick head axe showcasing the Department’s ISO Class 1 designation.   Stars and stripes adorn the lettering in back which reads “MFD Fire/Rescue”.   Read more »
  • Proud Westsider Rick Miyagawa Retires From MFD Posted 01/16/2017

    “Go for broke.” It was the motto of the Japanese-American 442nd Infantry Regiment of the U.S. Army during World War II, and it’s been a career-long mantra for Lt. Rick Miyagawa, who retires from the Madison Fire Department after 30 years of dedicated service. Meaning “to wager everything,” the phrase exemplifies the spirit with which Miyagawa forged his path in the department. Read more »