Todos los permisos para la quema de desechos están suspendidos hasta nuevo aviso

El MFD está suspendiendo todos los permisos para la quema de desechos en la Ciudad de Madison, el Pueblo de Blooming Grove, y la Villa de Shorewood Hi

All Burn Permits Are Suspended Until Further Notice

The MFD is suspending all burn permits in the City of Madison, Town of Blooming Grove, and Village of Shorewood Hills until further notice.

Public Safety

  • “The Butter Fire” – Lessons Learned From Madison’s Biggest Blaze Posted 05/03/2016

    May 3, 2016 marks a significant anniversary in the history of the Madison Fire Department. It was on this day 25 years ago the Central Storage Warehouse on Cottage Grove Road went up in flames.   Read more »
  • Ambulances To Remain Stationed At Willy, Monroe Streets Posted 11/24/2015

    It’s time to move back.   On November 30, 2015 the Madison Fire Department will be moving back into Fire Station #1. The crews have been displaced since January of 2015 due to a reconstruction of the facility.    When the vehicles and people move back, they will be absent an ambulance.    Read more »
  • City Leaders Practice Large-Scale Emergency Response Posted 08/11/2015

    Last week the City of Madison exercised its Emergency Operations Center (EOC) in a simulated tornado disaster response. During exercises such as this, agencies gather in a room and lend logistical support to first responders trying to manage large-scale emergency events.   Read more »
  • Neighborhoods Meeting Posted 02/17/2015

    I am excited about the opportunity to engage the community on Thursday, February 19, 2015, at Fire Station #13 located on 6350 Town Center Drive at 5:30 pm.  The Madison Fire Department would like to build a fire station that would efficiently serve the residents in the Southeast part of the city in future years.  Currently, members of the MFD command staff and other City staff are partnering with the Owl Creek Neighborhood Resource Team, social workers, advocates, and leaders to recruit neighborhood residents from the Great Grey, Horned Owl, Owl Creek neighborhood (located in the LaFollett Read more »
  • PulsePoint Posted 02/06/2015

    I am excited to introduce a project that the MFD is supporting in conjunction with the Dane County EMS office and funded by Meriter Hospital. The project is called Dane PulsePoint. The purpose is to save more lives by increasing the rates of bystander chest compressions and Automated External Defibrillators (AED) use in cases of sudden cardiac arrest. Read more »
  • The MFD is on the move Posted 01/28/2015

    As of today, Fire Station #1 at 316 W. Dayton Street is temporarily closed for remodeling.  We have relocated the 12-person crews who work from that station to locations around the downtown area.  We do not anticipate any interruption or delays in service based on the resource allocations. Read more »
  • Ebola Response Posted 10/16/2014

    The Madison Fire Department is actively working with the CDC, Dane County Emergency Management, local hospitals, and the 911 Center to ensure that we have a safe and effective Ebola response plan.  We recognize the significance of our role in safely transporting possibly infected patients to local hospitals while protecting our community from spread of the Ebola virus. Read more »
  • Firefighter Fun Day! Posted 07/22/2014

    On Saturday, August 2, 2014 City of Madison Firefighters at Fire Station #5 will present "Firefighter Fun Day" for children, youth, and families.  This event is part of the Madison Fire Department's Community Outreach Program which is a subcommittee of the Human Relations Steering Committee.  The goal of the committee is to increase the Department's visibility and interaction, as well as providing outreach to the neighborhoods and residents we serve.  Read more »
  • Safety Town Posted 07/17/2014

    Safety Town 2014 comes to an end this Friday!  Safety town is a week-long program that teaches children how to be safe in their community and is brought to you by the Madison Fire Department, Madison Police Department, and the Safe Kids Coalition. Safety Town is designed for children ages 4-5 who are entering Kindergarten in the fall.  The town is a small-scale city with streets, homes, and sidewalks and is used to teach children about many different aspects of safety and injury prevention.  Read more »
  • CampHERO Posted 07/16/2014

    Earlier this week the Madison Police and Fire Departments, in conjunction with Madison College, kicked off the 3rd Annual CampHERO.  CampHERO is the product of a vision of local women in protective services to introduce girls to non-traditional job choices in the field of public safety.  CampHERO focuses on developing courage, gaining confidence, and building character while introducing the girls to different career options in the protective services.  Girls explore their interests and skills through hands-on activities, taught by actual police officers, firefighters, EMS workers, and dispa Read more »
  • 911 Center Update Posted 04/28/2014

    911 Center Update In a reaction to recent displeasures from Dane County emergency providers, County Executive Joe Parisi ordered 911 Center Director John Dejung to implement a "pre-alerting" procedure that would alert fire units to structure fires, outside fires, car fires, and special rescue situations.  Read more »
  • Happy St. Patrick's Day! Posted 03/17/2014

    Happy St. Patrick's Day! The Madison Fire and Police Departments have a thriving Scottish bagpipe and drum band: Madison Pipes and Drums.  They are a very active group in our community, playing at many different ceremonies including promotions, parades, funerals, and other events in southern Wisconsin and northeastern Iowa. The following information, by Damion Roberts, from Lone Star, reveals more about the history of bagpipes in the fire service: Read more »
  • 911 Center Issues Posted 02/24/2014

    The issues the City of Madison Fire/Police Departments are having with the Dane County 911 Center are not just City vs. County issues.  The issues go much deeper into a problem at the County level.  The Madison Fire Department's primary concern is time of dispatch; namely, delays in dispatch time.  Read more »