One of the most rewarding tasks I have on a daily basis is accepting gratitude from the community on the performance of our staff.  I thought I would take a moment and share an email message I received recently.  This is a great example of how the Madison Fire Department assists not only with medical emergencies, fires, special rescues, and hazardous conditions, but also when a citizen needs help in other unusual circumstances.  Preventing fire and injury is the key to a safe community.  This type of community service is what we do!
Chief Davis,
Today a big branch fell in our yard.  My 75-year-old husband, called MG&E as the branch was resting on some wires.  MG&E determined that no live wires were involved.  He then called AT&T.  They said they did not deal with fallen branches.  Finally he called Charter as the branch was resting on a cable.  Charter said they would be out tomorrow between 8 and 5.  So my husband got the chain saw and started taking the tree apart branch by branch.  He planned to eventually get his pick-up truck in the yard and put a chain around the largest branch to pull it down.  One of our neighbors called non-emergency 911.  Lt. Ron Blumer and his crew from #5 arrived and were concerned for the safety of my husband.  They were able to convince him to give up the chain saw and let them finish the job. What a relief it was!  We realize that this is way above and beyond what is required of your personnel.  Please know how very much we appreciate everything they did.  You can take pride in these men and women.  This type of professionalism is what makes our community the wonderful safe place it is.  Madison is my hometown and I am proud.

Community Service
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